With The 2011 Fantasy Faire  for Relay for Life of Second Life  Official Kick Off just a day away ,I have had the enchantment of chatting with .. The Nemo Revisited Sim Sponsor,Fantasy Furniture, By  Arachne Anatr . An interesting  lady of character and steamy creative creator.

Link to main in world shop :

Q1.Arachne Anatra.. can you tell us a little bit about yourself and   FANTASY FURNITURE BY ARACHNE ANATRA

Just over 3 years ago Arachne joined SL with the sole intention of creating, after being asked to produce some graphics by a RL friend who was an SL resident. She started twisting pixels on her second day and quickly began to develop a range of fantasy furniture and clothing. Since then her knowledge and building skills have progressed somewhat and she now has a full sim at ‘Arachne’ and 1/2 sim at ‘Blood Myst’ housing her collections. Her initial interest in making clothing has these days been over taken by her love of furniture design but she still turns her hand to the odd item when inspiration hits. The image here shows her latest creation, a cute little outfit for those with a desire to be a Steampunk Dolly for the day.

During the initial days, little could she imagine what a ‘real life’ changing experience SL would be. Along with building she enjoyed role playing in many genres and is now happy twiddling away with new designs and spending time with her partner Nathan, who has become a wonderful addition to her real life too, both of them having traveled across the pond to send time together in NY and London.

Q2 As a Fantasy Faire 2011 Sim Sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

Arachne first heard about this event last year from an RP sim she was involved with but sadly only after it was up and running and all the designer shops were full. So this year she is delighted to make up for that by being the Sim Sponsor for Nemo Revisited.

Q3 What is it about RFL / ACS  and the Fantasy Faire 2011 that you are particularly passionate about?

”This event is something that truly spoke to me the first time I saw what amazing impact our little online community can have on so many real lives. It reminds us all that SL is more than just a game and has the potential to bring together creative soles from all walks of life to build something wonderful that can be shared across backgrounds, age, time zones, race  and unite us all in helping such a worthy cause. I am inspired and humbled by the amazing work the organizers have done for this event, their faith and enthusiasm for it is most infections, truly amazing people who deserve the Fantasy Faire to be a huge success.”

Q4 What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire 2011 most  this year?

”This year I am really looking forward to taking some time out to wander round the event and appreciate all the wonderful creations on display.  Things crafted with such love and passion, it makes you feel that you are wandering through the corridors of an amazing art gallery. I take great joy in the work of other artists and the time they have spent in bringing us such beautiful things to admire, wear, play with and sit on. Oh and of course…let’s not forget shopping…there has to be some shopping involved too” she grins.


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