Petables Our Fantasy Faire Interviewer, Joonie Jatho, was able to sit down with One of  the Fabulous  members of this amazing Dream team in Creative. Imagine ..

Since 2004 , together they have been working and developing their very own combined efforts in  creative for Second Life unlike anyone else ..  Year after year .. Season after season they work, plot and dare we imagine play  to bring second life  adorable out of the box creative .. Together they  form Petable ..

SLurls and URLS :

Shop in world – Petable

Official blog of the Petable Rovees

Special thanks to Joonie Jatho for Interviewing Petable.

Special thanks to Wildstar Beaumont for beautiful Photos ..

First, thank you so much for all your hard work for Fantasy Faire.

1. How did you two meet and begin as creators in Second Life?

We met in late 2004 or early 2005 in Second Life’s first MMO-style RPG, SimCast.  Grim Hathor was the lead scripter for the project, and Matthew Anthony came in as a player with a group of friends.  Matthew quickly became one of the most active players, and helped the game creators out with a few things, working directly with Grim.  Soon after, we worked together to create Second Life’s first trading card game, The Collective.  It was the first of many projects that we have done together.

2. How would you describe your creations?

We tend to create things that are unique and imaginative, while always innovative.  We’re not afraid of taking risks or pushing boundaries past what other people say is impossible.  These days, we create some of Second Life’s most advanced breedable pets that are not only cute, but that bring new levels of interactivity and stability to the industry.  The turtles that we released over a year and a half ago were the first breedable pets to use a server outside of Second Life to ensure the if anything happened to the pet, we could take care of it for the customer.  Our latest creation (the Rovees) can be completely used for free – a first in the breedable pet arena!

3. You make adorable pets. Where does your inspiration come from?

Thanks!  We do a lot of brainstorming, which is where we get a lot of our ideas.  Our customers also suggest some crazy things that we’d never thought of, but that we like to incorporate some of.

4. How did you learn about Relay for Life?

Matthew has walked in SL RFL for a few years now, but never joined a team until last year.  Both of us were close to Madame Maracas, who was very passionate about RFL herself until she lost her battle with cancer last fall.

5. What is your favorite thing about Fantasy Faire? Why should someone who has never been to Fantasy Faire attend this year?

Fantasy Faire is so much fun!  Whether or not your avatar is that fantasy-inspired, you’ll find something that you just can’t live without.  The whole thing is just a week of fun events and great shopping.

6.. You sponsor the Exotic Worlds sim. Why did you decide to sponsor this particular Fantasy Faire Sim?

The Exotic Worlds sim is a very unique concept that the team came up with this year.  The things that we create can be very otherworldly, which is the whole theme of the sim.  We don’t (yet) have cute breeding robots on Earth!

7. We all have our own reasons for getting involved in RFL. Could you tell us a little bit about yours?

Neither of us has battled cancer ourselves, but both of us have friends and family who have.  Just within the past month, Matthew has lost a life-long friend to cancer.  The American Cancer Society is a great organization that helps so many people and families.

8.. Fantasy Faire is an excellent way to educate and inform people about RFL. What would you like to see people take away from Fantasy Faire this year?

We hope that people have a great time at Fantasy Faire.  We’ve always said and believed that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing in Second Life, and we stick to that.

9. What’s can we look forward to seeing next from Petable?

We can’t give too much away because we like to keep mystery around what we do, but we’re working on something at the moment for the Rovees that is even more revolutionary than what has already been released.  Stay tuned!


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