Designers List 2011

We can not put together an event like this with out a little help. Here is a list of the amazing creators who will be participating in the 2011 Fantasy Faire.

Click the Sim name below to see a list of stores and their designers

Forest of Light Sim: A sim filled with majestic trees, alive with magic.  Follow the Fairies here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Evie’s Closet

Forest of Shadows Sim: A dark, deep forest with a foreboding haunted feel.  Enter at your own Risk here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Dark Goddess Designs

Dark Mirage Sim: A city of black magic with Arabian night feel. Gallop into the darkness here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: The Looking Glass

Nemo Revisited Sim: A watery sim, Steampunk themed, inspired by Jules Verne . Airship boarding here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Fantasy Furniture by Arachne Anatra

Sea of Mer Sim: A beautiful watery bay with hidden delights in the depths. Grab your suit and enter the ocean here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Mer Betta

Exotic Worlds: A gorgeous environment that feels very out of this world. Never know who you might find here. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Petable

Fantastical and Magical Sim: A fantastic sim full of fun, interactive and edible delights. Your Magic Broom awaits. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Arcanum

Enchanted Mysts Sim:  High elven landscaping and elegant builds. Walk Softly the elves might be busy . Enter through these gates. Interview of the Sim Sponsor: Fallen Gods Inc.

Fantasy Faire Central – The main arrival & event sim.  Home to the Fantasy Faire floating stage, our exclusive silent auctions, a beautiful memorial area and the Great Gateways to the shopping sims, also main access to the American Cancer Society’s Sim. Main Entrance Here!


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