Laufey Markstein and his SL/RL partner Rossana Llewellyn are owners and creators of Trident and joined the Fantasy Faire 2011 as Event Sponsors. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions. To give you an impression on their works i went to their shop sim and took some pictures:

Q1. Tell me a little about yourself and your business interests in Second Life, relevant to the Fantasy Faire itself?
Q2 As a Fantasy Faire sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

I am a creator of medieval and fantasy themed houses,ships and furniture,as well as landscaping items. I already was intentioned in partecipating in the Faire,but things clicked even more when I was told one of the sims was “sylvan/elven” themed,as I was just recently developing a full line of celtic-druidic-pagan standing stones, stone circles and such.

Q3 What is it about RFL / Friends fighting Cancer and the Fantasy Faire 2011 that you are particularly passionate about?

The interlinking of the real and virtual world,the possibility of a work which is basically helping people create their worlds and live their dreams,further benefitting a real life good cause,in a very practical as opposed to just ideologic way.

Q4 What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire this year?

Creating a display that showcases a definite theme I’ve expanded upon and having it known,and of course contributing to raising funds.

Q5. How did you get into fashion/creative design?

At Trident we’re a team of two creators,me and Rossana Llewellyn,my SL/RL partner.

Both medieval reenactors,I was the first to begin with designing and recreating real life historical items such as blacksmith forges, viking ships, wine presses, in Second Life, trying to achieve a balance of realism vs. the requirements of creating a visually pleasant and roleplay-friendly item.

Rossana,on her part, has always loved ancient jewelry in real life,and recreating celtic torques and viking jewels was her first step here.She later expanded in creating gorean outfits inspired by ethnic/tribal real life jewelry, but historical designs and museum replicas remain her main focus.

Q6.  Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion?
Q7.  What skills do you need to be a fashion/creative designer?

Passion.Passion.Passion.Did I mention passion? And time.

Some technical expertise prior to SL does help, but you really can learn along the way,and there’s no better place than SL for talking with other creators which share your tastes and learning from them.

Q8. You make such beautiful designs and clothing. Where does your inspiration come from?

As said above,mainly from a lifelong interest in the real life counterparts of the designs we create here.

Q9.  What are your favourite things you have made?

Viking ships and a Mead Hall based on a stave church model for Laufey, and for Rossana her “Hefring” viking jewelry and “Tahari Dancer”, a bellydancer outfit.

Q10.  Why should someone who has never been to Fantasy Faire attend this year?

The best fantasy designers in SL,and the chance to do something for a good cause,all in the same place? No better use of your SL time.


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