Event Sponsors 2011

The Fantasy Faire 2011 is made possible by the generous support of Sim and Event Sponsors: Dark Goddess Designs, Evie’s Closet, Fallen Gods, Fantasy Furniture by Arachne Anatra, Hoof It, Mer Betta, Petable, The Looking Glass, The Arcanum and T R I D E N T

Stay tune for more information regarding these amazing creators. Each year it takes a special group of people to come together to pull this event off. This year we would like to say a little thank you for all they do.

Please Check our Vendor list for interviews and pictures from these fabulous designers.

Make sure to click on the store name to read more information regarding the people behind these amazing Sponsors.

Forest of Light Sim is sponsored by Evie’s Closet.

Forest of Shadows Sim is sponsored by Dark Goddess Designs.

Dark Mirage Sim is sponsored by The Looking Glass.

Nemo Revisited Sim  is sponsored by Arachne’s Fae and Elven Furniture Market.

Sea of Mer Sim is sponsored by Mer Betta.

Exotic Worlds Sim is sponsored by Petable.

Fantastical & Magical Sim is sponsored by The Arcanum.

Enchanted Mysts Sim is sponsored by Fallen Gods.

Our Wonderful Event Sponsors are

–  T R I D E N T

–  Hoof It!

Fondazione Connell  – The Project

– Mycon3 Fantasy Sim


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