Jailbirds for RFL !

These wonderful people have volunteered their time to come help us at the Fantasy Faire reach new fund raising goals. Each one of them will be on a different sim in a Fantasy Faire Original Jail . Please Check the schedule and come support your favorites.


Sunday 4/3

10:00 am          aikea rieko –   [The Plastik.] –  Forest of Light
Saur Holt – Gothic Passionate Dreams – Dark Mirage

11:00 am           MamaP Beerbaum – RFL CO Chair 2011 –  Sea of Mer

1:00 pm              ethereal faerye –    ~Lost in Starnight~  Sea of Mer

2:00 pm             Nighty Goodspeed  – Twisted Thorn Textures
Anthonys Republic –  Anthonys Sculpty Republic
Monday 4/4

4:00 pm               Evangeline Miles – Evie’s Closet –  Forest of Light
Saffia Widdershins – Treet TV –  Sea of Mer

Tuesday 4/5

3:00pm              lerochelle.destiny  – DeLa Soul –  Exotic Worlds

7:00 pm              Opal Lei – Mer Betta –  Sea of Mer

Wednesday 4/6

2:00 pm              Druscilla Ferraris – Druscilla’s Whim –  Fantastical/ Magical

3:00 pm              Khyle Sion  – ~Refined Wild~ Enchanted Mysts

Thursday 4/7

2:00 pm               Alia Baroque  – Fallen Gods –  Enchanted mysts

6:00 pm               Jayjay Zifanwe – University of Western Australia –  Dark Mirage

Friday 4/8

1:00 pm              Morgaine Price  – Mer – Elf Creations –  Sea of Mer

5:00 pm              Erin Talamasca – Hoof It !! –  Nemo


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