Daily Recap: Saturday

Sanctum Sponsored by Fallen Gods_015 by Alisaundra Andel

On Saturday the Faire Folk were called to witness a trial most shocking: the planned Hunt within the Fairelands was placed in jail! The Tiny Sheriffs firmly believed it had hidden waffles somewhere within its prizes and had set the bail for such heinous crime to 15,000 lindens. After the bail was met, the greedy little– …the respectable Pawlice Force raised the bail to 25,000 lindens! Despite the accusations of corruption, the Tiny Paw of Law held tight and released the Hunt only after the raised bail was met.

That said, the first part of our annual hunt is now open and running! Fimbleby’s Wager has started and you can buy the HUD from all the landing points, then head to Wiggenstead Mooring to find Mr. Fimbleby and to hear his wager that will send you through the Fairelands. There will be a second part, a follow-up to this one, later on during the Faire, so hold onto your HUDs!

After freeing the Hunt the Faire was delighted by a live music performance by Eliz Watanabe, taking place in the same spot: the dragon-borne FFR flagship FaireChylde, currently above  the Palace of Tears.

Today the parties continue aboard the FaireChylde. You can see the DJ schedule here and hop on board here.

There’s also dire news coming from Mourningvale Thicket! You can join in the roleplay of finding a dreaded murderer that has fled from Sanctuary to Mourningvale and continues his vile deeds there. Read more here.

Yesterday we broke two million lindens relayed and we have barely started: let’s keep going, Faire Folk!

The Fantasy Faire 2014 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Creators of Fantasy, Curious Kitties, Dark Goddess Designs, Death Row Designs, Dwarfins, Epic, {Fae’d} Club, Fallen Gods Inc., The Looking Glass, L’Uomo, .Luminary., Neo Victoria, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Spyralle and Tiny Inc.Blackwater Glenn_017 by Alisaundra Andel

The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 2

Date: 2 May 2014
Location: The NeoLondon Cathedral of Air and Darkness [NeoVictoria SIM]
Produced By: Asil Ares

Players:  Suzi Yao as Timmon’s Robot, Asil Karu as Cerridwen~in~chains, ValentineAdler Resident as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler, Tarquin Evermore as Samuel Bellamy, LucindaJaneStrathmore Resident as Lucinda Jane Strathmore and Juliana Swordthain as Lady Juliana

Event Description

In NeoLondon [NeoVictoria SIM].  Timmon’s robot is released from the Castle Lab, breaks the wards to a door and enters the Cathedral.  The resourceful Sam attempts to stop it, but not before it injects Strand motes into the organ that controls the power center; they begin to interfere with Cerridwen’s ability to feed energy to the City.  Lights start to go out, running water ceases to flow.

Cerridwen alerts the Auditor, advising if the power plant in the Cathedral were to go silent, the Empire would send some people in a big hurry. Some very very scary people.  Val Adler shares this information with the group and Sam shares what he discovered at the castle the previous evening. They go in search of more clues, leaving Cerridwen in flames, attempting to understand the true nature of the threat.

The roleplay continues in NeoVictoria today … join us at 6:00 PM, SecondLife-time or tune in tomorrow!

Robot in the Cathedral
As it approaches the door, the air grows still and warm, a heat haze starts to shimmer the closer you get. The door seems to hold a flaming glow, leaving it wonder, “Will you be burnt? Touch the door and it will open; how fares your hand?” Ignoring this emote the robots moves forward to the door and with one large swing of its arm smashes open the door and clambers inside the Cathedral.
Attacking the Core
Making it’s way over towards the organ of the power centre it thrusts a robotic arm into the organ. The Strand motes stream out of it’s arm flooding into the organ’s central force.
What Happened?
Golden wings rose from his back as he dove down the spiral staircase to go to the side of his charge. “Cerridwen!!”
Cerridwen Glows
Her hands and feet begin to glow from white to blue. She sees Valentine hovering before her and her eyes are wide and she holds her hands out for him to see, “Something is affecting me …it is like, … like …” her voice is hollow, never has she sounded more like a machine.
Confronting the Robot
Aware of some lowly beings coming towards it, the robot removes it’s construct armature from the control and swings round to face them.
Robot Escapes
Another strike from the first attacker makes the robot swing round at it with the limb that’s left and at the same time sprays motes into it’s face and the celestial’s direction while still screeching at a deafening pitch. Pushes forward once again towards the entrance to the cathedral, it makes its escape.
Val Falls Back
Valentine ‘Val’ Adler fell backwards at the force of Cerridwen’s energy, looking up from behind his shielding arm to peer at the great machine. “Cerridwen.. what.. what has happened to you..? What…”
Learn More
Her voice picks up the pace a bit. “You must learn more about this crude clockwerk; track it down! Take the ones who linger here and hunt that creature down before …the warding that djinn placed on the Queen’s portrait is consumed and we are exposed.
Val Adler Shares the News
Come with me, we must track down that bot!” His voice was determined, his eyes filled with an unusual blackness, “That is, if you value your sanity, and your lives..!
Motes Attack Cerridwen
The motes from the robot enter one of the secondary systems of the central core, flowing through the aether currents like an invading virus. They hit the central core and she begins to feel her body temperature rise.
Cerridwen in Flames
Her energy bubble begins to glow and she is almost impossible to discern; a ghostly female shape in an inferno of energy.
The Cathedral Dims
Myomy is sitting at her desk in her office, scrutinizing artwork for the new edition of the society pages when the lights go out. In the sudden dark, she sits bolt upright, listening for sounds that might explain the blackness.

Hunt to be Bailed!

Palace of Tears_005 by Wildstar BeaumontSo, there’s been questions about when the hunt will begin. The answer is: it is completely up to you, Faire visitor!

Today at 4 PM SLT there will be an extremely special Jail and Bail event held in the dragon ship FaireChylde at Palace of Tears. The jailed entity is the Hunt itself! If the Faire Folk manage to pay the bail, the hunt will begin!

This is the first hunt of our two, Fimbleby’s Wager. The follow-up hunt, The Palace of Tears, will continue the story later on during the Faire. The bails of the Jail events are, as always, paid into RFL kiosks to relay.

Come join us in getting the hunt freed and going! DJ David Abbot will be DJing and the Tiny Paw of Law will be at the event to make sure the bail is paid in full and according to all the regulations of the Faire!


Daily Recap: Friday

The Faery Court - I by Caitlin Tobias

Friday saw some shocking events at the Faire: the Beltaine Ceremony of the Rickety Weasels turned into a tragedy as the Shadows attacked and managed to kidnap two of the Elemental Guardians. The consequences of this could be extremely dire to the whole of Fairelands, and the Weasels are calling for any Faire-visitors’ help.

There’s also other distressing news from Mourningvale Thicket, where the Sanctuary RP Community is bringing a darker element to the Faire life: read more in here.

On shopping front I’m happy to tell you all that we have a complete list of all the RFL items in the Faire, easily browsable with hover-over pictures and SLURLs to the actual items right here. Shopping has never been this easy!

The Faire was also in Second Life’s Featured News, much to our delight. It’s always wonderful when the Lab notices our efforts to bring beauty, fantasy and immersive experiences to Second Life, especially when all of it relays for such a good cause.

Saturday holds continuous DJ parties on board the dragon ship FaireChylde, currently above the Palace of Tears. You can see the DJ schedule here and hop on board here.

We also might have some surprises and long-awaited news coming your way very, very soon…

The Fantasy Faire 2014 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Creators of Fantasy, Curious Kitties, Dark Goddess Designs, Death Row Designs, Dwarfins, Epic, {Fae’d} Club, Fallen Gods Inc., The Looking Glass, L’Uomo, .Luminary., Neo Victoria, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Spyralle and Tiny Inc.

Wiggenstead Mooring - I by Caitlin Tobias

Rickety Weasels’ Beltaine ceremony gone wrong…

The Rickety Weasels were all set yesterday to celebrate the Beltaine ceremony and welcome Summer for another year, but it didn’t go quite as expected and two of their Guardians of the Elemental Stones got kidnapped by the Shadows…

If the Dark Shadow gets his hands on all four Guardians, he would be able to rule the Fairelands and all he likes is dark and depressing so that would probably not be good at all.

Beltaine ceremony gone wrong

Help the Rickety Weasels find their missing Guardians!

If you see them or any of the Shadows, or find information about where they could be held, please report to the Rickety Weasels’ headquarters in Wiggenstead Mooring!

Rickety Weasels Wanted & Missing

A RFL of SL Event