Have you voted for the Rulers of Fantasy Faire yet?

The competition for the Rulers of the 2021 Rulers of Fantasy Faire is hotting up – and in some cases it’s downright alarming!

Come on, Fairelanders, do you REALLY want Murderbot as your Chancellor? Because, at the moment, he has a very strong lead over Iorek Byrnison and Grogu. Reepicheep and Pikachu are trailing badly here.

It gets worse.

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Wandering Chickens Gacha

Silas Merlin, one of the world builders of Paer Thura, has been hiding chickens throughout the Fairelands. Why? Because the International Poultry Association declared that the flamingos have had their spotlight for too long, and chickens can share some of the winged attention!

The hidden chickens cannot be interacted with, although they are fun to search and find, but fortunately they have all been herded into a gacha for convenient fowl acquisition!

Edit: there is now an additional chicken in A’Dracunas! Find it and you can get that one for free!

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LitFest Tour Friday 7th May 2021 – Noon slt: The Amethyst Rift

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to mysterious region of The Amethyst Rift by Nix Marabena.

The ancient but mysteriously preserved home of powerful magic users who vanished long ago, the Amethyst Rift is a city, or perhaps a temple complex, carved into the walls of a deep fissure in the rock at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there is so strong that it still flows in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without second sight.

Explorers have wandered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift. One of the more credible theories concerns the only structure in the Rift that is not whole – what appears to have been a massive, free-standing stone gate sits partially collapsed in a central square.

Amethyst intro banner
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Shahara’s Secret

Shahara, the dragon that carried the original party ship The FaireChylde for many years, decided to retire earlier this year, and she has been hanging out by the new amazing party ship fleet that still carries the proud name of The FaireChylde.

We completely assumed that after all these years she was simply tired of working all the time and wanted to enjoy the Faire like all the other Fairelanders do, but recently there’s been some visible cues to possible other reasons.

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Meet Our Sponsors: PaperFriends

PaperFriends - Angel, Callisto, Bean, Acehole
PaperFriends – Angel, Callisto, Bean, Acehole

The creators and friends of PaperFriends: Bean (greenbeangirl); Acehole Ixito; Callistokilgallon; Angel Chauvert (angela.carling) are a mix of new and old Faire sponsors. They speak of their experiences at the Faire, what made them decide to sponsor, and introduce their delightful PaperFriends avatars.

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