LitFest Tour Sunday 9th May 2021 • 5 pm slt: The Seventh Valley

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our final Tour of this Faire takes us to the oceanic region of The Seventh Valley by Gidgette Adagio.

This is a place of questing, where mysterious clues and hidden things abound. Yet having found your way here, you may never wish to leave, as the peace and beauty are mesmerizing. Thick forests, cascading waterfalls, deep pools, hills and valleys, all beckon. The eye is drawn, always, to what looks like an egg that glows like a rainbow sun. What is this marvel?

Seventh intro banner
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Meet Our World Builders: Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen

Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen
Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen, world builders of Ostara

Beq Janus and Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail) are the world builders of the Faireland of Ostara. Beq talks about all the Fairelands she’s built, how the inspiration and building process of Ostara worked between her and Elizabeth, and the secrets to be found within this mysterious region.

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LitFest Tour: The Company’s CHoice

We asked the Company of Faire Folk to choose which region they would like to re-visit today at 10am – and the result of the ballot is now in. The choice is …

Somniatoris Arx!

Somniatoris Arx – image by Wildstar Beaumont

You can see more details about Somniatoris Arx in the Guide page here.

This Tour will be led by Saffia Widdershins; Musical accompaniment will be by Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood. We will leave from the Market in Líng Xiāo Village in Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙.

Days of the Faire Banner Collection, Part One

Do you love the Fairelands? Do you wish you could simply buy Faire mementos of reasonable price without having to go into bidding wars or games of chance with gacha? We have a solution for you: The Days of the Faire Banners. Each banner was created by Alia Baroque to feature as the header of our website, and they showcase the splendor of the Fairelands of this year as captured by our talented photographers: Sunny Difference, Sachi (Vix Zhou), Wildstar Beaumont, JustenTyme, and Sukubia Scarmon.

Since we have twenty one Fairelands this year, this is only Part One of the collection. The second part will be released for the Relay Weekend (June 12-13) where Fantasy Faire has its own campsite. 

The Days of the Faire Banner Collection is available in Paer Thura.

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