Calling All Game Masters!

Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Spirit Pool
Come lead the Adventurers in the Fairelands! The Spirit Pool 2017 Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Are you a game master/dungeon master (GM/DM) with prior experience in running campaigns for various roleplaying game systems with an emphasis on fantasy? Maybe you prefer being a host for a session of fantasy live-action roleplaying? New for 2018, Fantasy Faire will be offering prospective GMs the opportunity to host a game session (or two), all while raising funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

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Meet Our Faire Builders: Zander Greene

Zander Greene, Co-Captain and a Founder of Fantasy Faire. Picture by David Abbot.

Zander Greene, the Co-Captain of Fantasy Faire and the Founder of Fantasy Faire Radio is also one of the Founders of the Faire. He recounts how the Faire was born a decade ago, talks of how it has changed during these years and reveals the Heart of the Fairelands.

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A Word from the Management

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Da5id Abbot and Zander Greene

For She is Sovereign, and Her Word is Law

Cancer treatment sucks.

We’re pretty sure it does, anyway: we’ve seen friends and family go through it and the phrase “Laugh a minute” really doesn’t spring to mind anywhere along the way. It’s just one reason why being a Caregiver is hard, because you have to watch as someone you love goes through that. For the survivor actually going through it? We can only imagine. So many of us in the Faire community – and within the Relay – have our own tales of seeing or experiencing that journey, and there’s no doubt in our minds that if we can’t quite yet prevent it all of us want to make the next person’s journey a little easier.

That’s just the treatment, though. Now imagine that you’ve got to travel to get to that treatment, because the nearest centre is a hundred miles away, or two, or three…

That’s where Hope Lodge comes in.

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Fairelanders Called To Action


A little while back, I had a chat with Stingray Raymaker. In the Outworld, Sting is actually Jeff Montegut, the Director of Online Revenue at Relay For Life, and the Staff Partner to the Relay For Life of Second Life.  A chat with Sting is always inspiring, but this one…well, this one was rather special. And the time has come to share it with all of you.

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ACS: Not JUST American!


Fantasy Faire raises money for Relay For Life, and Relay For Life supports and raises funds for the American Cancer Society. This much we all know, but there’s an assumption on some people’s parts, crossing all nationalities, that the money ACS raises stays entirely within the United States. While it’s not an unreasonable conclusion to draw from the name, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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A RFL of SL Event