An Orchard in Elemaria

When I came back from the rather less than formal ball held in the Drifts of Anamnesis, a desert which somehow became an oasis at exactly the right time, I admit I was feeling a bit drained and a bit sad.

Snapshot_003 BLOG
But who could possibly feel sad in this gown?

I know what you must be thinking, of course. ‘But who could possibly feel sad in such a beautiful gown, Your Fae Majesty’?

And you’d have a point. Silvan Moon Designs has created the most wonderful spring gown in an array of colours appropriate to the season. I was so proud to wear Dance of Spring to the informal ball; it almost didn’t matter that nearly everyone else was dressed rather less than formally. This periwinkle colour is to die for, isn’t it? And the gown’s crushed velvet falls so beautifully. I admit I sneaked out of the Fairelands to visit the carnival of fashion and hijinks that is We Love Roleplay, and that’s where I found this beautiful gown. I’m sure they still have a few left if you hurry to the carnival.

But the truth is, sometimes even when one is wearing a fabulous dress, it’s still possible to feel a bit sad. Even a lot sad.

Snapshot_008 test BLOG
There’s a voice inside my head

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Anthem to the Worldmakers: A Special Broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio

On Tuesday at 1pm SLT, Fantasy Faire Radio is proud to present a special broadcast entitled “Anthem to Worldmakers.”

The 18 Regions of this year’s Faire were built by some of the most brilliant, visionary artists in the virtual world or any other. Fairelands don’t just happen. They are born of the talent, time and dedication of many people. Some of those have been part of the Faire for 12 years now. Some joined us in 2020 for the first time. Each played a vital role in making the 2020 Faire an experience that none of us will ever forget.

While Fantasy Faire Radio began this year with a tribute sets to the Regions, this broadcast will honor not the Fairelands that were created, but rather the creators of those Regions themselves. They are the reason why our One Vision found a home in Many Realms. They make us Stronger by giving us a place to be Together.

Tune in for “Anthem to the Worldmakers.” Tuesday, May 12th at 1pm.


Friends, we’ve come to the end of yet another Fantasy Faire season, our 12th in fact, as the magic of the Fairelands begins to fade once more into the mists. We brought you classes on how to breathe life into your fantasy role plays as well as create your perfect roleplay environment. We did our very best to bring you stories written by those who love roleplay and find joy in performing them for you. I thank our wonderful spinners of yarns, and the teachers who were kind enough to share with us their wisdom.

Last year, the Roleplay section was thrilled to have raised L773,401.00 or 3070.54 American dollars. It was more than we’d ever raised before. This year, I am so proud and humbled to say that between the wonderful roleplay groups and the very gifted teachers who graced our classrooms, we, the Roleplay section raised a grand total of L2,543,194 or 10,174.77 American dollars! You all were generous beyond words and we thank you, thank you so very much for your kindness and unwavering support as we did our best to attempt to defeat the dreaded Unweaver.

Thanks to all who attended our events. We hope that you enjoyed them, and thank you for supporting this most important and worthy cause. Once again, you are all amazing and we hope to see everyone again next year!

With much gratitude,
Stevie Basevi
2020 Fantasy Faire Roleplay Coordinator

“Many Realms – One Vision. Fantasy Faire 2020: Building a World Without Cancer”

Chronicles of Adair: The Search for Scheherazade

Now that I was in the right place, all I needed was for it to be the right time. Scheherazade’s face was literally plastered on the walls, after all, and translations of One Thousand and One Nights lay scattered across the tables in this little oasis. There was even a nice fire going.


But that was three hours ago. Now it’s well past midnight, and these scrolls are getting awfully heavy. Maybe I’ll set them down for a bit…

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The Rabbit Hole in Isle of Shadows

I was feeling sad. After all, it was the last day of the Faire, and soon I’d have to take a portal back to Awenia and pick up all the pieces I’d left dangling for the last two seasons. I flew up to one of the clouds that hover over the Fairchylde in Isle of Shadows, and, well, OK— I just kind of felt sorry for myself for a while.

Isle Of Shadows - 11 BLOG
Aaaaallll byyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeelf…..

I promise I didn’t sing that song. For long.

Of course, then I noticed how much there was to see from this vantage point….

Isle Of Shadows - 7 BLOG
First of course, there was the Fairchylde Herself.

First of course, there was the Fairchylde Herself, and that just made me want to look farther and farther.

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Nothing to See Here!

The Fairelands Association of Scribbling Secretarial Critters was cleaning the events-information-pile — carefully organizing the papers into yeydone and onoes — and found a rainbow-coloured piece of paper! After carefully testing that it wasn’t a nom, it was turned into a paper plane and promptly flown straight into the outgoing pile, then forgotten for it was the third lunch hour and the waffles had just arrived!

We are not responsible for anything!

A Fairelands Journey: Zodiac

Fantasy Faire 2020: Zodiac

We came to the coast once more early on the morning, and even as the Sun rose we could see its light glittering off the blue domes of our destination even before it fell across the seas beyond.

It was said that Zodiac had been founded by a company of Royales who departed the fair city of Magnificat many years ago. I had once visited Magnificat as a traveller riding alone, and the memory of that journey remained never far from my thoughts.

As we left our mounts fed and watered on the outskirts of the city, so I was able to see a certain resemblance within these dome-topped halls and the spire-topped palaces of that ancient place. But more than that, this city brought to mind legends of the great temples and river of the Golden Delta, while the walls of water that fell straight and true down hand-made cliffs brought forth tales of the floating retreat of Sanctum, said to be held aloft on pillars of crystal waters.

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A RFL of SL Event