A Letter from Kristie McComb at the American Cancer Society

My dear Fairelanders and friends,

With the closing of another Fantasy Faire, I write to you with heartfelt gratitude and esteem for all that you created, shared, and gave of yourselves these past two weeks. As the American Cancer Society, we stand amazed that you not only met last year’s total, you exceeded it, especially in the tough economic times we’re experiencing. 

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The Short Flight of Seda Sylva

A Tangential Tale from the Fairelands

A Retrospective Look

I thought I was free. But isn’t that always the way?

Truth is, I’d been searching for days to find a forest worth hiding in; in these modern and varied Fairelands, that’s sometimes not the easiest brief. So many towns with only snatches of forest in them.

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An Apology

Dear Fairelanders,

I owe you an apology. Through an act of misunderstanding and miscommunication on my part, Patch Linden offered to extend the Faire by two weeks on Friday, May 6 at his Jail and Bail event. His generous offer was met with both excitement and panic as different groups of people realized what that could mean. In the middle of this I was paralyzed like a deer caught in the headlights. I failed to be a good leader for the Faire both when Patch asked if there was anything he shouldn’t offer at the Faire, and when he did offer the astonishing two week extension. I didn’t ask Patch not to extend the Faire, which I could have done. I didn’t offer Patch a possible extension date, which I should have done. Since I did neither of those things, Patch responded to the crowd, and we arrived at an extension of two weeks. I then failed to respond in local chat at the time and allowed the two week extension to go unchallenged.

Patch is an amazing man and a strong supporter of the Faire and Relay For Life communities. He has been joining us at the Faire for years, and it is always a highlight event which people anticipate with great enthusiasm. He has raised millions for the Faire. This year alone his jailing raised L$1,223,568! I am embarrassed and ashamed that I have put him in a position where the offer he made to the Faire needs to be undone. He did something wonderful by gifting us a platform to continue hosting the estate. As exciting as that sounds, there are very good reasons why the Fairelands need to fade. 

It is my responsibility to see the Faire’s big picture, and I failed to make the good decisions that would have allowed Patch’s announcement of additional time to be a celebration instead of leading to mass confusion and disappointment. I took that from Patch and from all of you, and I am heartbroken. As it is, we are taking advantage of Patch’s offer by extending the run of the Faire by three days through Wednesday, May 11.

Thank you Patch for always wanting the best for the Fairelands. For loving us and for relaying with us. Together we will make a world without cancer a reality.

With Love,

Elizabeth Tinsley

Why Do Fairelands Have to Fade?

Still No Glowsticks!

The critters had solemnly sworn not to miss the Rave That Never Happens this year! They had set up a critter per Faireland on watch duty, carefully monitoring anything flying, and anything colourful. This had kept them busy the whole Faire, hopping up and down in excitement at colourful fluttery fae, and once even mistaking a griffin for a paper plane — a mistake you make only once.

But finally, when all hope was almost lost, there it was! The paper plane of bright neon colours and incomprehensible gibberish, official looking stamps and fancy party people. It was almost time! After carefully checking that no critter possessed the dreaded sticks of glow, they hopped and padded to the nearest bus stop (the only one) to wait for their ride to the rave.

Join the critters at the Fairelanders’ Final Ravedown absolutely normal Faire day with no parties going on whatsoever after 11 AM SLT in the Siikret Rave Place!

A Letter to the Unweaver

A short time ago a brave Fairelander came to me to ask if I was an organizer of Fantasy Faire. I expected her to ask a question about where to find a particular shop, or how to listen to Fantasy Faire Radio, or what time the Faire will close. I am asked such questions a hundred times or more each day, and I try to take the time to answer each of them. But none of that is what this Fairelander wanted. She wanted to show me something she had written, and when I read it I was stunned, elated and inspired. With her permission, I share it now with you. She reminded me of something important today. She reminded me that though our adversary is strong, we are stronger. Here is what she wrote….

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A RFL of SL Event