Much Ado About Nothing at the Story Well

There will be two performances of Much Ado About Nothing.

Location: The Story Well

Dates and Times:
Saturday 21st, 2 PM SLT
Sunday 29th, 9 AM SLT:

Adapted for Second Life by Saffia Widdershins and Zander Greene
Choregraphed by Aelva, Terra Volitant and Amethyst Duvgal
Set Designed and Built by Marcus Inkpen
Sound recording and editing by Zander Greene
Directed by Saffia Widdershins


Saturday 21st April Sunday 29th April
Character Voice Actor Performer Performer
Benedict Zander Greene River Breguet (as GammaActor) River Breguet (as GammaActor)
Beatrice AvaJean Westland AvaJean Westland AvaJean Westland
Claudio Mavromichaeli Szondi Mavromichaeli Szondi Mavromichaeli Szondi
Hero Christy Grantham Sonya Marmurek Sonya Marmurek
Leonato Elrik Merlin Elrik Merlin Elrik Merlin
Don Pedro Corwyn Allen Linn Darkwatch Linn Darkwatch
Don John Alix Reynaud Otenth Håkon Paderborn (as DonJohnMAAN) Otenth Håkon Paderborn (as DonJohnMAAN)
Margaret Aisling Sinclair Aisling Sinclair Aisling Sinclair
Borachio Kayden Oconnell Gem Sunkiller (as Iota Actor) Gem Sunkiller (as Iota Actor)
Conrade Podruly Peccable Judi Newall (as Lambda Actor) Podruly Peccable
Friar Francis Rick Forrester Alia Baroque Alia Baroque
Sexton MadameThespian Underhill Cassie Eldamar Cassie Eldamar
Dogberry Abnor Mole Abnor Mole Abnor Mole
Verges Mavromichali Szondi OldeSoul Eldamar OldeSoul Eldamar
Watchman 1 Zander Greene Jennylynn Capalini Jennylynn Capalini
Watchman 2 Corwyn Allen Caleb Kit Caleb Kit
Dragon non-speaking Єɗℯɳ ℳợợղ Єɗℯɳ ℳợợղ

A RFL of SL Event

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