Min’s Quest Updates

Min’s Quest Updates: Meeting the Bard Queen

I made it to the Fairelands and they’re so beautiful! out of nowhere, this dragon fae popped out and said that I was needed! BY THE BARD QUEEN!!!

I got to meet her!

Oh my gosh, she’s so kind and beautiful! I even got to take a picture with her for my journal! Cheer takes good pictures. I’m so excited to get started!!! Tomorrow…I hope I can sleep tonight!


Min’s Quest Updates: Making some new friends

Final 4-25-18

Started the day searching for Archetypes. My feet are tired, but I have seen more of the Fairelands than I thought possible. All the sights and the shops and the dancing. It has been really hard to stick to my Quest with so many distractions.

I also made some new friends today! They were all asked for assistance by the Bard Queen too so we decided to team up!

With Jojo, our little warrior, Lavender the Priestess, Mitch our aerial Rogue, and Pickles the…interesting druid we should be able to handle anything that the Unweaver can throw at us.

It’s a full party and we’re going to find Nedra!!! And something about a name….

Time for sleep, but I’m still so excited.


Min’s Quest Updates: Definitely Not Lost

Final 4-26-18

I think maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere today.

After a lot of wandering around in the forest we decided to ask for directions from a very nice fairegoer and her giant tiger.

I don’t really like the way it looked at me….like a snack.

It looks like we’re camping out tonight! This should be fun! Hopefully I don’t get my journal too dirty.

Time to sleep. I hope that tiger isn’t anywhere around here.


Min’s Quest Updates: Into Nedra!

Final 4-27-18

Pickles was missing this morning when we woke up. Lavender said that druids can get distracted by forests and wander off.

He’s certainly an odd fellow.

No matter! Into the caves of Nedra we went!

Spiders…they make me shiver. Why did there have to be spiders?!

For the record, burned spiders do not smell good…maybe ice next time.

It seems that we’re on the right path! Hopefully we can get to the end of this maze of tunnels before night time.


Min’s Quest Updates: Success!

Final 4-29-18

We did it! We made it through the caves of Nedra and found out the truth for the Bard Queen!

And we found Pickles! He wandered in just as we got to the bottom!

This has been such a wonderful and exciting time, it’s a shame that I have to go back home.

I wonder if it will be this much of an adventure next year….


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