Merchants Guide to Bloggers 2023

Do I have to give review copies to bloggers?
Nope, it’s completely up to you whether you want to give review copies to our official bloggers or not. No one is forcing you, and you can also use just your own bloggers if you so wish, but only the Faire bloggers get into the Fairelands early for the lagless pictures.

How do I give review copies to bloggers?
We will have a Blogger Room. There will be empty boxes for sale on the walls, each for zero lindens. Buy one of them, don’t take or move it, but add your boxed review copy into its contents, and add a picture of the review copy on the front of the box, so the bloggers can see what’s inside it. Do not set it for sale, it has a script that will enable bloggers to get the item by clicking it. On that note, do not remove anything (scripts) from the box, either.

Can anyone get the review copies?
Nope. The box has a script that whitelists the bloggers, meaning that only the people (bloggers) mentioned in the script will be able to get the review copy when clicking the box. No one else can.

What if I have many different review copies?
If you have two different review copies, I’m almost recommending buying two empty boxes so you can have the vendor ad for each on the box-cover. If you have more than that though, I’m recommending boxing all and using your store logo as the vendor ad. Unless you have a superfancy picture of all the review copies together, ’cause if so, absolutely use that one! A sample picture of your wares works too, it already shows to the bloggers what to expect. The main point is that please do not buy/use more than 1-2 boxes, otherwise there won’t be enough for all the merchants.

What should I include in the Review Copies?
The review copies may include anything you wish from your Faire-wares, but generally it’s recommended that they’d be the two new RFL items, so the bloggers can draw attention to those in their posts.

In addition to the items, what else should be in the box?
Preferably vendor ad pictures of all the items included, a landmark to your store, a landmark to your Faire store, and any other information you want to give to bloggers. Mentioning which items benefit RFL is also a good call. Most important part is the pictures, that will help the bloggers a lot by making it easier for them to see what is in the box without having to unbox everything.

What happened to the HUD and the senders and scripted things of the past years?
Gone! At least until Second Life will enable scripting that never glitches, and accounts that never lose inventory, or crash before accepting items. Here’s some third lives for all while we wait for that.

What if I don’t want to give my items to ALL the bloggers?
If you do not want to give your items to a big group of bloggers, you can also make a box with vendor ad pictures of your items and a notecard letter to bloggers, asking them to contact you if they wish to blog your items. Then place that box into the blogger room just as described above.

Where can I see if my items have been blogged?
There will be a page called Blog Posts 2023 underneath Bloggers tab on this website. Bloggers will fill in a form every time they make a Faire post, listing the Faire stores used in the post, so this makes it easy to check. Many of them also add their pictures to our flickr-group, Faire’s discords’ #blogposts, or send information straight to the blogged creators.

Where is the blogger room? I thought the bloggers won’t get into the Fairelands until one day before opening?
It’s true, and that is why the blogger room is not in the Fairelands.

I haven’t slept in a month and the Faire hasn’t even started yet, what do I do?
In coffee we trust.

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