Merchant’s Guide to Bloggers 2019


  1. Get Blogger Box Senders from the Notices of Fantasy Faire Backstage.
  2. Rez the Sender in your home or work lab. Not in the Fairelands.
  3. Rez as many Senders as you have review copy items. Just one item per box, please.
  4. Put the boxed review copy into one of the Senders.
  5. Locate the vendor ad picture for the item that is in the Sender. Right click it in the inventory and choose “Copy Asset UUID”. 
  6. Click the Sender to bring up the menu. Click “Set Texture” button. Press CTRL + V to paste the previously copied UUID in it. Accept.
  7. Click the Sender to bring up the menu. Click Boxname and name your box. Use a different name for each of your boxes. For example Store Name – Item Name.
  8. Click the Sender to bring up the menu. Click “Go ONLINE”. Rinse and repeat for the possible other items you want to send, using one item per Sender.
  9. Leave the Sender there for as long as you want the bloggers to have access to it.



Do I have to send out review copies?
Nope, it’s completely up to you whether you want to send out review copies to our official bloggers or not. No one is forcing you, and you can also use just your own bloggers if you so wish, but the Faire bloggers get into the Fairelands early for the lagless pictures.

What if I have many different review copies?
Use a different sender box for each and obviously, a different picture each box. Different colours of the same item of course go all in one box, but two different dresses would require two different sender boxes.

What if I want to box many review copies in one box?
That’s fine, but the picture should reflect that. Bloggers will decide what they want to get based on the picture, so if your box includes items that are not in the picture, they won’t know about those items at all. If you want to send the box without having such a compiled picture, just use the picture of the item that is most important.

What if I put a lot of items into the Sender instead of a box?
Not a good idea. Most likely it won’t work at all, or maybe sends one item when requested. Box your review copy, so that there is only one item in the Sender box.

What should I include in the Review Copies?
The review copies may include anything you wish from your Faire-wares, but generally it’s recommended that they’d be the new RFL items, so the bloggers can draw attention to those in their posts. It is a good idea to add a landmark or other info of your store into the box as well. Make sure that the box you send has your store’s name in it, too! If you want to make bloggers really happy, add the pictures of your items into the box, so they can see what things are without unboxing everything.

What happened to the categories used in the previous years?
Gone! Now the bloggers will get a HUD that consists of the pictures you add to the boxes, they can scroll through them and get the items they’d like to blog, instead of getting the mountain of boxes to open before being able to understand what all they even got.

What if I don’t want to send my items to ALL the bloggers?
If you do not want to send your items to a big group of bloggers, you can also send a notecard with pictures of your items and your contact info with a request that if the bloggers want to blog your items, they should contact you personally. The notecard does need to be boxed, since the Senders handle only SL objects. Use one of your product pictures as the UUID texture.

Where should I rez the box senders?
Somewhere where they can stay quite a while. I recommend your work platform/lab, or even your home, but please not in the Fairelands. Every script less in the Fairelands is always a boon for the whole.

I haven’t slept in a month and the Faire hasn’t even started yet, what do I do?
In coffee we trust.

A RFL of SL Event

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