Merchant’s Guide to Bloggers

Greetings, o Makers of Fantastic Things!

We do not have obligatory blogger assignments anymore, so there will be no set amount of bloggers for you to send your items to. We have moved to a more voluntary system with challenges. This means that you do not have to give out review copies unless you want to. It also means that if you already have your own bloggers, you can also use just those if that suits you better.

However, we will have a list of official bloggers: they get into the early access on 18th. If you are interested in sending out your Faire-wares to bloggers, read on.

Even if you’re not, pay attention to this part: please post pictures of your Fantasy Faire RFL items to the Fantasy Faire flickr group — this will help us in making sure there’s more exposure to all of you.


The review copies may include anything you wish from your Faire-wares, but generally it’s recommended that they’d be the RFL items, so the bloggers can draw attention to those in their posts.

If you do not want to send your items to a group of bloggers, you can also send a notecard with pictures of your items and your contact info with a request that if the bloggers want to blog your items, they should contact you personally.

The distribution of the review copies happens through scripted boxes. I will send the said boxes out in the group notices of the Backstage. If you are a Faire merchant wishing to send out review copies, you simply take it out of the notices, rez it somewhere where it can stay for a while (for example your home or work platform, not in the Fairelands), add the box of review copies into its contents and hit ‘Send B’ button. Then leave it do its work.

There’s boxes of boxes to open! First one has just two: Merchants A – K and Merchants L – Z. They are divided by the first letter of your first name (account, not display). The division is to make sure the script doesn’t die: there are a LOT of you. Pick the one that fits with your name and open that one. That will have the actual boxes: Women, Men, Furniture, Petites and Creatures.

There will be a couple of different boxes available for you, depending on what kind of creations you make. There’s a separate box for items that require a female avatar, items that require a male avatar, items that require the blogger to have access to rez-able land (furniture, builds, decor) and items that change the blogger completely into something else, various different avatars. This way you don’t send out a castle to a blogger with no chance to rez it or a fancy frippery gown to a guy who really wishes to blog just menswear.

Leave the boxes out rezed until they report their work is done. It checks through the blogger list and sends out the review copy box only when the bloggers are online, checking their online status first. This prevents the eternal capped-ims problem, but means the box should be left rezed to do its work.

If you are interested in how the box and its script works, click here to read its technical descriptions.

That’s really all there is to it. Acquire The Box, rez it, drop review copy box on its contents and hit ‘Send B’. Yeydone!

PS. If you do not want to send out review copies out to a large list, you have two options.

1) Handpick from the blogger list and contact the bloggers yourself.

2) You can also simply make a notecard, add pictures of your products in it, write into it something along the lines of “If you’re interested in blogging my wares, please send me an im/notecard.”, add your name and send the notecard out in the appropriate blogger box. The notecard will be delivered to our official bloggers, which is a much more reliable way of catching their attention than having signs in the booth.

PS2: If you are a merchant, but the review copy sender boxes auto-destruct when you rez them, it means you’re not on the script’s merchant list. This is most likely because you share the store with someone and were not listed on the site. If this happens, just contact Sonya Marmurek and I’ll send you new ones where you are included, no panic!


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