Meet and Greet: Luth at Severina

Lands of Luth
Lands of Luth

This year, the denizens of Luth will be joining with a formal presence at Fantasy Faire, with an Embassy in the land of Severina.

They will be holding a regular series of Meet’n’Greets, so that fairegoers can meet some of the denizens of Luth and learn more about their stories.

The Story of Luth
It begins, I suppose, with the Drow and the fall of their great city. An earthquake shook the land to its very core, tearing through the Underdark and leaving them in search of a new home as the lands that had been theirs sank into the sea and were lost. The Qu’ellar d’ Kestal found refuge first in caverns while the velkyn combed the land in search of a worthy home, one that would fulfill the Ilharess’ word to her people that a new home would arise. A home mightier even than the one that their goddess Lloth, Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demon Web, Demon Queen of Spiders, had taken to test them. Find one they did, too: a mighty fortress in a mountain whose caves became the Qu’ellar’s new home and whose surroundings came to pay tribute to its terrifying new ruler.

Or perhaps it begins with the Elves of Tal’amea. Their King had lost interest in the world as time took its toll on him, and when he came to take his final journey into the west the once-shining city was all but reclaimed by the land beneath a curtain of green, its citizens were turned inward and thus none noticed when the Drow arrived, no-one interceded as they built their powerbase. It was only the news of their choice to reveal themselves to their new subjects in Port Treema that sparked the city’s rebirth. The new Queen, Tari Alana, saw to the rebuilding and renovation of Tal’amea and as she did the magical beings who had once flocked there began to return. First came fae, then dragons and then the shadows of other things were seen in the enchanted forests beyond the city gates.

Between the two, then: the Drow fortress of Luth Ulin in the east and the Elven city of Tal’amea in the west, men came once more to seek fortunes and ply their trades in taverns, workshops, markets and trading outposts.

Inevitably, word came to the Ilharess of a great Faire that was to be held, where people of all races and many realms would come. This pleased her, for it was her task to rebuild her people and expand their strength beyond its former glory, and an embassy was ordered to take word of the Qu’ellar d’Kestal’s new home to those Drow who would be at the Faire. This news was not a comfort to the Queen in Tal’amea, whose mission to protect the great balance of nature meant that she must also send ambassadors and traders lest the Drow seize an advantage.

And thus do we find them both, Elf and Drow, and other races from the Isles of Noldorin, in the village of Severina, each with their agenda, each with the hand of friendship outstretched – to Fairegoers, at least, if not to one another.

Roleplay in the Lands of Luth is story-driven, building on actions as they develop to create an immersive, evolving storyline across a diverse range of character classes and races. This is supported through the use of societies and guilds, where new and experienced players alike are given the opportunity to weave their stories with ones already in place. The Lands of Luth support players with a mix of in-character learning with leaders in skills and knowledges and out-of-character classes to assist players with developing their role play, their skills, and understanding of the Unity Max combat and cooking systems.

In addition to these day-to-day activities, both individual (as questing, crafting and resource-gathering) and communal, formal events are held to give players the opportunity to interact with leaders and commoners alike. From the respective courts to common taverns and markets, there is always something happening, and a way for new players to find their way into the heart of the action.

Find out more information about Luth at their Info Center on Severina

The Meet’n’Greet sessions will be held here on Severina

Scheduled times for Meet’n’Greets
Friday 20 5pm-7pm SLT
Saturday 21 5pm-7pm SLT
Sunday 22 5pm-7pm SLT
Monday 23 6pm-8pm SLT
Tuesday 24 5pm-7pm SLT
Wed 25 5pm-7pm SLT
Thursday 26 5pm-7pm SLT
Friday 27 5pm-7pm SLT

You can visit the homelands of Luth here

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