Live at the FaireChylde 2020


Your favorite dragon-borne party ship returns to the Fairelands with a ten-day DJ dance party!

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The Faire DJs, the Party-Builders

DJ Aliya Heron
If you’re like us, there is nothing you love more than a DJ who knows good blues when she hears it. Enter DJ Ali Heron who has been spinning the blue in SL for twelve years and collecting it for forty! Audiences at Junkyard Blues and Smokehouse Lightening get the benefit of her deep catalog on a regular basis, and she is also no stranger to Fairelanders. We’ve been digging her sets for years because there is no corner of the Blues world that her sets don’t reach. Myriad traditions and styles find their way into the mix. If you come away having learned a few new things about the music, it’s no surprise! Teaching is also in Ali’s blood. She may be a college professor in Counseling and Therapy in her First Life, but in her Second Life the lesson plan is all about great music and good times. Just what the doctor ordered! Ali is also fantastic Relayer and is proud to be part of the RFL community and the Faire. We’re proud to have her at the wheel of the Fairechylde!

DJ AngelKitty Skizm
Angel’s set are the stuff that Fairelander’s dreams are made of. Powerful, moving, uplifting. She embodies everything that the Faire is all about because she knows all too well what it is to lose someone you love to cancer. Her sets are about the healing power of music, laughter and kindness. When Angel takes the wheel on the DJ deck of the Fairechylde, the musical result is a love letter to her mother and to all who have lost loved ones. Angel is here to spin up a message of hope, and with allies like her we know that one day we will build a World Without Cancer.

DJ Anthony Wesburn
Anthony is passionate about the music he plays and says he can think of no better way to share music than raising money for RFL. He’s been in SL for 15 years and loves the community of creative people. Anthony also loves sharing interesting trivia about the tracks he plays!

DJ Aoife Lorefield
Like all the members of Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival team, Aoife has an abiding love for the music of the Spoken Word and a deep respect for its ability to transport us to far off lands and to pierce the veil of time. She’s been bringing that passion to the Faire for many years now as a presenter, an interviewer and as a member of the team who bring brilliant authors and their works to the Fairelands. Storytelling is in Aoife’s DNA and it is in the Faire’s too! She also believes – as all good Fairelanders do! – that music has the same magical properties as the Spoken Word. So, whether she is DJing for Pagan events, for other communities, or taking the helm of the Fairechylde, she always spins from the heart. Traditional and World music, New Age and Mystical tracks, a pinch of Steampunk and a dash of Rock and Roll. Each turn of the page reveals the next chapter of the story, each track takes us somewhere uplifting. And that’s just what you want when you Relay For Life! (Uplifting also comes in handy when you’re partying on the deck of a dragon powered airship!)

DJ Bain Finch
Need to blow out the cobwebs and get your motor running? We got you covered! Start your day with a heaping helping of DJ Bain Finch! (Part of a balanced breakfast!) Bain brings the feel good, upbeat, party music you need to start your day. He’s no stranger to the Fairelands or to the helm of the Fairechylde, and you won’t find a more committed Relayer on the grid. Bain is especially proud to support the Faire because we believe in getting behind the many ways that the American Cancer Society is taking the fight to cancer all across the globe. There is a legendary story that tells of Bain being the first person who tuned into a Fantasy Faire Radio broadcast the first year it was in existence. Zander Greene writes, “We fired up the stream for the first time, just to test it out. Bain was the first person who IM’d to say ‘Whatever this is, keep it going!’ And that’s what we have done, thanks to the support of amazing Relayers like Bain!”

DJ Bard Wasp
The one and only Bard Wasp, a perennial favorite on the grid and at the Faire. Bard’s knowledge of the blues is encyclopedic and his sets are the stuff of legend. He’s also got one of the smoothest voices in the Many Realms. Stop by and get ready for the kind of music that makes you swoon! P.S. Special invite to all scantily clad, colossal ladies! You’re welcome, Bard. 😉

DJ Belleen Morte
Belleen, AKA DJ Shinobi believes in the power of “bopping”. She has been DJing in her First Life for over ten years and in SL for the past three. Shinobi plays fantastic music: Goth, EBM, Industrial, Electro, Witchhouse, and Dark Folk. Like far too many of us, she lost her grandmother to Lymphoma. We’re proud to Relay in her memory, and in celebration of Shinobi’s mother who is a breast cancer survivor. You’re going to want to be front and center when Shinobi starts casting her magical, musical spells!

DJ Bloodwain Arun
Wain has been a DJ in secondlife since 2010. He spins everything from top 40 to goth to industrial. Relay For Life is very much a personal cause for Wain, who lose his dad to melanoma when he was 12 years old. Fighting cancer is important to Wain, so we are proud to call him a Fairelander and can’t wait to hear what musical magic he brings to the deck of the Fairechylde!

DJ Caledonia Skytower
The Dread Pirate (err make that DJ) Caledonia Skytower! “When Rik Merlin and I first met her, she was singing torch songs at a dive called Smokey’s on the waterfront. One song. That’s all it took. One song and we knew we had found our star!” Actually, that’s not what happened at all. But we have a LOT of these blurbs to write so you’re gonna have to expect the occasional diversion! In fact, Cale is one of those people who can somehow be five places at once, doing ten jobs and doing them well and making it look easy. She is one of the talented and dedicated people who have made Seanchai Library a name synonymous with great stories and storytelling in SL for years, in addition to being a Sponsor of the Faire. She brings the Dickens Project to life each year, a holiday favorite in the Many Realms! And for quite some time now she has been one of the voices you hear most often on Fantasy Faire Radio. In fact, she has been pioneering new programming and events for the station, and growing our listenership in the process. We love that she has also taken on the mantle of Faireland DJ too!

DJ Calyope Andel
You bring the vibe. Calyope builds the set around it! Little wonder she can work with the crowd, since she has been spinning since 2004. Ask her what she loves to play the most and the answer is, “Epic Music.” Which is how we make a living around here! But in fact there are few genres of music that Calyope doesn’t love. So, when the Tinie Constables of the Fairelands Watch issued an arrest warrant for Jessica Lyon, our first call was to Calyope. Epic scene. Epic Jailbird. Just add Epic DJ! On her SL Profile, you’ll find a quote there. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart … Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” We think Carl Jung rocks too. And we know he would agree that Calyope is exactly what she spins: Epic!

DJ Cami
Camilinha Aya is proud to DJ at the Faire in honor of her grandma who she lost to breast cancer when Cami was just 10 years old. So it means a lot to her to be able to play a role in the important cause that is Relay For Life. Cami brings tons of joy to her sets and to the audiences who join her for them. We are incredibly proud to Relay by Cami’s side and to let her take the wheel on the DJ Deck of the Fairechylde. Talk about being in good hands!

DJ Chopper Gurbux
Chopper makes his Fantasy Faire DJ Debut! He was well known on the Inworldz grid, and we’re excited to welcome him to the Faire. High Constable Oldesoul tells us we’re in for a treat! And if there is one thing Tinies know, its what makes a good treat! Bring your dancing shoes and a bottle of syrup (just in case there are actual treats)!

DJ ColeMarie Soleil
What do you get when you mix an awesome DJ, a Particle Enchantress and a Music Composer and top it all off with a dash of Fae Magic? You get the inimitable ColeMarie Soleil! She’s been an avid performer, musician, creator, and all around Faerie community ambassador since 2016. Fairelanders know to expect the unexpected when ColeMarie takes the wheel. Blending live and recorded music with her original particle creations, a ColeMarie set is a feast for the senses. In her free time (and it’s a wonder she has any free time given her prodigious creative output!) she can be found flying around the grid spreading her love of music and magic where-ever she goes. A true original, ColeMarie has been bringing her one-of-a-kind performances to the Faire for many years now to the delight and amazement of our eyes and ears!

DJ Craig Obscure
If your taste in music runs toward the Dark Side, this is a set you won’t want to miss! Craig creates crepuscular atmospheres by mixing dark tracks.Underground dark electro, dark techno, acid techno, trad goth. Dim the lights and let Craig take you for a musical tour of the Shadows!

DJ Danilao DeLuna
Danilao is another of the great DJ’s who is making her Faireland debut this year, and we are thrilled to hear what she has to share! She’s been DJing in the Physical Plane since 2009 and in SL since 2014. Like many people, she started off as a visitor to the Faire and now she wants to give back a bit of the joy and excitement she has found there. This is DJ who truly loves music, from Rock, Pop, and Dance (all with a Fantasy twist!) to Electro Swing! And like too many of us, Danilao has lost friends to cancer. So she is ready to support our shared vision of a World Without Cancer! How better to do that what with an awesome party set?!

DJ DaveOSaurus
A DJ set in SL can be a lot of different things, but the best ones are first and foremost about one thing in particular: Fun! And that is DaveOSaurus’ cue to enter! In addition to being a dynamite DJ, Dave is also a first class Meshsmith, Blogger and occasional Pirate. Various styles and genres make their way into his sets, ranging from “radio format” track by track sets to Live mixed sets. Audiences at Piermont Landing in New Babbage love his monthly Steampunk shows and he can also be found spinning for the bi-monthly Enchantment Shopping Event and the monthly Flygearz shows at The Looking Glass. Sometimes it’s Soundtracks, Steampunk, Humorous, Rock, Pop and Dance, sometimes he takes it into the shadows with great Gothic tracks. Regardless, Dave is having a blast and makes it his business to see to it that you are as well!

DJ David Abbot
We like to call him DJ G-Viz! The Grand Vizier, our Operations Guru has kept the Fairelands humming along for years. So, we love it when he gets to make Fairelanders themselves hum a little too. Don’t let the foreboding demeanor fool you. This resident of the Tower of Shadows has a soft spot for Disco and for music that gets you chair dancing. When David takes the wheel, it’s sure to be glorious fun! He also never forgets why we’re all here. As a caregiver to a beloved friend who he lost to cancer, David is one of the most dedicated and passionate warriors the Fairelands has ever known. This year, he hosts one of the Faire’s premiere events. The Lindens Jail and Bail! Come early and hang on tight. It’s gonna be a bumpy one!

Because not all of the Many Realms are bright, we’re stepping over the edge into jet black waters where dark things rise up for the Danse Macabre. We can’t say that we’re in “good” hands, but we are in the right ones for this particular journey. We’ve summoned DJ DeaD to give us a tour of the dark side of Fantasy. His infernal mix of Industrial/EBM tracks has been delighting the damned for more than six (six-six) years, and his Wicked Hellektro sets at Club Zero are that perfect marriage of pleasure and pain that some of us crave! Not for the faint of heart, but if you feel a desire for the metallic, the malevolent, and the madness of the Old Ones, this show is for you. Something wicked this way comes, and his name is DJ DeaD!

DJ Easy Ninetails
You may know him from Cruz Kontrol or from Impact where he is a Resident DJ. You might know him from The Symphonic Experience where he often makes Guest appearances. But if you don’t know him at all, you should! Easy is well named. Smooth, smooth, smoooooth. And packing a playlist that is always perfect for the setting. Sometimes he spins up the 80’s, sometimes Electro or Future House. It’s all about the Space and Time when Easy take the wheel. He isn’t shy about dressing the part either! So for our Lit Fest Party which this year will pay tribute to the iconic figures of 1001 Nights, you have the raw ingredients for another of the Faire’s Must-See Events! You can count on some awesome tunes, some top-notch banter, and one hell of a good time. So why don’t you come with us, avatar, on a magic carpet ride?

DJ Edward Thatch
They say once you Party with a Pirate you’ll never go back! And Edward is proof that they are right! This Pirate DJ has been spinning from ports all across the grid for more than nine years. His horde of musical booty is pure gold! Soundtracks, Traditional / World Music, New Age / Mystical, Steampunk, Symphonic Rock, Humorous, Renaissance, Rock / Pop / Dance, Industrial/EBM, Gothic, Metal , Pirate, Tribal, Viking and more. It’s music from across the Seven Seas! But unlike a lot of pirates out there, Edward loves to share his treasures! So, avast ye scurvy dogs! We be makin’ cancer walk the plank and thar be a place fer you on the crew! Besides, you know you’ve been itching to break out that pirate outfit.

DJ Elizabeth Tinsley
Her High Faireness, Elizabeth Tinsley (AKA DJ Tin-Tinz!) is in Fantasy Faire Radio’s broadcast booth for both Fairelanders’ Masked Balls. The boss loves to spin for Fairelanders, and after a long day at the Faire we could all use a little fun. So, suit up (or gown up, or ya know, whatever your species does to look all fancy-shmancy) and join us for the Fairelanders’ Masked Ball.

DJ Elrik Merlin
A broadcaster and record producer since the 1970s, Elrik Merlin has been a regular presenter and event DJ with Radio Riel since 2007, where he also looks after technical and music licensing management. He is also part of the team bringing Fantasy Faire Radio to the air year round. Elrik has been co-presenter since November 2007 of Designing Worlds, the award-winning TV series on design and designers in virtual worlds. Elrik is honoured to be invited back to play at Fantasy Faire 2020. Depending on the occasion, he plays a wide variety of music – he’ll be playing the second hour of this year’s Grand Opening as well as at least one additional engagement on the FaireChylde – both featuring classic rock.

DJ Female Winslet
When we say that DJ Female knows music, we mean it! Her school years were spent living and breathing music theory and composition. SL audiences have been rocking to her jam at Club Amarantha and Vipera since 2018, and last year she started making appearances at RFL events including here in the Fairelands and on Relay Radio during Relay Weekend. These days, she can often be found spinning for RFL events at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds where her repertoire ranges from Traditional and World Music, New Age and Mystical tracks, to Rock, Pop and Dance. She’s also proud to say that she has been part of the Relay community in SL many years now. In fact, her inventory is awash with RFL items going back to 2009. The Force is strong with this one!

DJ Fiz Underwood
The one and only DJ Fiz! This cat is too much fun for words, but we’ll throw some out here anyway. His southern drawl is legendary. It’s like a magnolia blossom floating in a sea of good bourbon! His music is wide ranging but Fiz always brings the fun. We’re proud to call him a Fairelander, and delighted to have him back again this year. Fantasy Faire Radio’s Zander Greene says, “I don’t care how busy I am. If Fiz is spinning, I stop and take a break to catch that set. You’re never going to meet a better guy, or a more dedicated Relayer!”

DJ Gecko Gorilla
A veteran at the Helm of the Fairechylde, Gecko is a true original who prides himself on mixing live to make every set a new experience! He’s been spinning in SL for ten years, and has evolved from Industrial to Psytrance, Techno and other electronic genres. When Gecko takes the wheel, you’re headed into unexplored territory with a Mix Master plotting the course! There’s nothing better than a Faireland dance party, and no one better to spin it up than Gecko. This is going to be epic! (Last time we did this there was a dragon making out with a Tinie in the corner while Elayne was piercing ears in the break room. So, ya know, Faire warning!)

DJ Gem Sunkiller
Everyone who takes up the title of Fairelander makes us proud, makes us stronger and moves us closer to building a World Without Cancer. When the burden of that task feels too great to bear, there is no one who comes in faster to take some of that weight off your shoulders than Gem Sunkiller. Being a Faireland DJ is just the start of what Gem has done for the Faire over the years. A full list of her kindnesses and contributions would beggar the imagination. Suffice to say that Gem is everything a Fairelander and a Relayer is supposed to be. She has led at the Team level and at the Community level. She has spun up more parties than most of us have even attended. And she does it all with a love for us all that is just what you need when you are feeling low. Add to that the fact that her sets are just 100% pure joy and you begin to understand why she is the one we call when Tinies are running amok and in need of a good jailin’!

DJ Glitch Axelrad
Oh, lord…here we go! What is there to say about Glitch? More to the point, what is there to say that can be said on a family friendly show like this one? Well, for starters how about this: We are talking about one of the Faireland’s favorite DJs here! Glitch breaks out tracks from Soundtracks to Rock, Pop and Dance, and from Industrial/EBM to Gothic. Him make beats good! Him cray-cray! In his own poetic words, “I am awesome for you and us…. and together we do the dizzle.” (Ok, so he ain’t Shakespeare but you trying spinning with both hands and writing a sonnet at the same time!) His point is well made, nevertheless. When Glitch is in the house, we do indeed do the dizzle. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just need to dash over to the Urban Dictionary and make sure the “dizzle” is allowed under Faireland law….

DJ Haze
You know how great music can transport you? Take you on a journey? Tell you a grand tale? Well, that is what DJ Haze is all about! Haze believes in the power of music to unite us, to speak to our hearts and lift us up. His sets are are an epic adventure, as he carries us along on waves of sound, tone and melody. Who better to take the helm of the Fairechylde? Join us for DJ Haze as he sets course for a journey into the realms of musical inspiration!

DJ Holocluck Henly
DJ Holocluck is not a club DJ but rather sets a mood and takes the listener on a journey. He’ll use any range of styles and eras, not unlike a time traveler! From Soundtrack, Traditional / World Music, New Age / Mystical, Steampunk, Symphonic Rock, Humorous, Rock / Pop / Dance, Novelty, Swing, Electro Swing to Vintage Jazz with a Fantasy twist. Holocluck Henly marks April 11th 2010 as the day when he became aware of Relay For Life in SL and reached out to MamaP for his first kiosk. In 2013 he learned about Fantasy Faire and found a home for his eclectic style as a Fairelands DJ. Ever since then, in his own words, “Fairelanders are my family, their cause is my cause, and their lag is my lag.”

DJ Kirana Rawley
This may be Kirana’s first time spinning at the Faire, but she knows her way around the DJ console! She has been exploring the grid for 14 years and has been a DJ for much of that time. You can find her at Mystical Forest where she plays for audiences of Elves, Fae, Drow, Fauns and Satyrs, Mer, Centaurs and Dragons. But she also plays for denizens of the Vampire Empire at The Pit. And she has made appearances at the various Burning Man festivals in SL. Kirana is making her debut as a Fairelands DJ but she has been a Fairelander for a long time! Like us, Kirana has good reasons to Relay. She is looking forward to the chance to share her passion for great music and for this noble cause and we’re looking forward to being there to hear it! Welcome, Kirana!

DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino
If you’ve never heard KT spin you are missing a treat! His music library is vast and he knows how to give Faireland audiences a truly magical experience. Start off the Faire’s Opening Weekend with DJ KT, the Faire Folke and Shahara, the big blue dragon who keeps the Fairechylde flying!

DJ Lady Maris Von Crepshaw
Talk about a Multi-Tasker! Lady Maris has spent her years in SL hosting, building, auctioning breedables, being a tech geek, graphic designer, club owner, a DJ/Radio Personality, and now a co-owner of a wedding coordination business (Dark Angels Designs and more) and a clothing designer (Dark Fairy Fashions). She has been described as open, friendly, twisted, a bit sexy, engaging and more than a bit crazy. So, you can see why we love having her at the helm of the Fairechylde! What does she spin? What doesn’t she?! A Lady Maris set could range from Country, Hip Hop, Disco, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal Rock (Heavy, Power, Grunge, Viking, Thrash) , Goth, Southern Rock, Pop, Romance/Wedding, Disney, Folk/fantasy, to oldies from the 60’s to the 90’s. We’ll take one of each!

DJ Lainey Thorne
It takes nerves of steel, a ton of heart, and a legendary playlist to helm something as epic as the Jailing of Alia Baroque. That’s why our first call is always to Lainey! With her trunks packed to overflowing with Symphonic Rock, Pop and Dance, along with Industrial/EBM tracks, Lainey makes the ideal choice to take us on this uniquely Faireland journey. With Lainey, you also get a Relayer who isn’t backing down when it comes to standing up to cancer. She won’t stop until the cure that could have saved her father’s life is found. She writes, “I miss my Dad every day and wish I could have just one more talk about music or sports, one more hug with him telling me everything is going to be ok but I can’t have that and I am not the only one.” We know just how Lainey feels, and we also know that her dad is proud of her. We are too.

DJ Madonna Daehlie
Clad in armor made of that most magical of materials (latex!), booted and bewitching, when Maddie takes the helm the Unweaver starts quaking in his shoes! This twelve-year veteran of Relay has been an indispensable part of the Faire for the past nine. We keep her pretty busy too! She is a techno-mage of the highest order. Got an RFL Vendor or Donation Kiosk that just refuses to play nice? Call Maddie! Looking for advise on how to make your fundraising more effective? Maddie to the rescue! Need to turn up the heat on a dance party? You guessed it! Maddie is your best bet. From Soundtracks, to Rock, Pop and Club music, there is one thing you can always count on. Maddie is going to give 110% (we suspect she keeps the extra 10% in her awesome Up-Do!).

DJ Magda Kamenev (Magdalena Kamenev)
Magda has been DJing in SL since 2008 (omgracious!) and likes wide-ranging sets of music – something from the 1930s and something released just a week ago can make its way into her set. Mixing the familiar and the new, the comfortable and the surprising, is Magda’s raison d’etre as a DJ. Equal parts twee, intense, corny and hedonistic!

DJ Minty
We are so pleased to welcome Minty to our family of Faireland DJs! This self-described “Confirmed Hopeless Romantic” is all about bringing a ton of heart to audiences. Lil Mint’s sets can be heard weekly at Mintspot where you’ll hear everything from Future Garage, Dark Bass, Dubstep, Dub Techno, Chillhop and Vaporwave, to Ambient tracks. For the Faire, Minty will be leaning into Industrial/EBM tracks, a Fairechylde favorite! Having been a long-time visitor of the Fairelands, Mint is excited to be stepping up to take the helm! All the more so because Relay is something Mint has good reason to support. Like so many of us, cancer has impacted Lil Mint’s family. What better way could there be to stand up and make a difference than by sharing a little Minty-Magic with all of us?? (Full Disclosure – We self-describe as Hopeless Romantics too. Sounds like a match made in the Fairelands to us!)

DJ Noizyzapp
You’re going to be glad you stopped by the Fairechylde for DJ Noizyzapp! This guy knows how to spin a party set, whether it’s in SL or on streaming platforms like Twitch! Log On, Tune In and Rock Out!

DJ Nuala Maracas
DJing in Second Life since 2005, Nuala plays a variety of musical genres. Swing-Jazz, Classic Rock, 70’s, 80’s, Blues are the favorite musical sounds Nuala likes to listen to and play. New Rock of today that will be the Classic Rock of tomorrow is also in the lineup. Songs that you can sing along with or tap your toes to. Songs that bring back memories or create new ones. Nuala’s sets are entertaining, spontaneous, and fun. She bets you can’t stop yourself from chair dancing a time or two. A Relayer in SL for 16 years, and a Fairelander for the last six, Nuala loves so much about the Faire, but top of her list is always the chance to Dance with Dragons! Who doesn’t love that?!

DJ Otenth Paderborn
The word “Eclectic” was made for Otenth Paderborn! This long-time Friend of the Faire has been DJing for Fairelanders for years now, and he’s been DJing on Radio Riel since 2007 where he currently produces a monthly show called “The Musical Magpie.” An apt name, indeed! You never know what you’ll hear when Otenth is at the helm! But it is always high quality! And not for nothing, he’s also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. We are always proud to have Otenth at the wheel, especially because he is so committed to the vision of a World Without Cancer!

DJ Princess Coco Candy
When not in human form, this veteran Fairelands DJ can often be found exploring the Many Realms as a Unicorn! No matter the form she takes, this is one magical creature who knows how to party. She brings a high energy mix of Pop and Dance tracks with good old Rock and Roll.True to her name, Coco is Sweet Like Candy, but also describes herself as a bit of everything else too. Sometimes shy, sometimes sarcastic. A pinch of bratty with a heaping helping of fun-loving. Always curious, always friendly, but be fairewarned, she can also get distracted by – OOOO SHINY!! (Where were we? Oh, right!) The Fairechylde crowd knows that when Coco is at the wheel, they are destined to rock. That’s why they love hearing her and why we love having her!

DJ Prudence Jekyll
Returning to the deck of the Fairechylde, DJ Pru is well known in the Many Realms including that of Rosehaven, one of the Faire’s Sponsors! She loves to lean toward experimental and alternative music and her sets can also span anything from Soundtracks and Traditional / World Music, to New Age / Mystical selections, from Rock to Industrial/EBM to Gothic. Curating sets for Internet listeners and SL residents is just the latest step in her broadcasting journey. Pru was a FCC licensed, Public Radio broadcaster back in the 80’s. She is also another of the Faire’s shape-shifters! Sometimes human, at other times a Dinkie Cat, and sometimes a Petite Fairy. All that morphing is understandable given that she tells us she grew up in a land called Honalee!

DJ PsychoSoundWave
Another of our Faireland DJs who isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side, Psycho is back for the third year in a row! Fans of the heavy beat will fall hard for his mix of Industrial/EBM and Gothic tracks. From Club Zero to The Symphonic Experience and the legendary Machine Shop, Psycho has been spinning up the mayhem in SL since 2009. Throw in his RL background as a drummer and bass player and you have a DJ who pushes the energy level to critical mass and beyond. What you might not know until you talk to him for just a few brief moments is that he is also a truly nice guy. This fight against cancer is one he is serious about too. It took his father and two of his best friends. So, if we were cancer then we would be looking for the back way out of here right about now. The last thing you want is an angry Psycho coming after you!

DJ Rahdu Rajesh 
Rah has been DJing in Secondlife for over 10 years. She has been mixing for the last 6. She has always been the creative type. Previously she had been predominantly a visual artist. Secondlife was an outlet that nourished her musical side. Rah has been exposed to many genres of music. She started out DJing metal and mixing Hardstyle. Since then she has learned to mix Electro house, Dubstep, DnB, Bass house, Afro house, Tech house, Jacking house, Deep house, Melodic techno, Dark techno, Minimal techno and recently she has been learning more synthie genres including Synthpop, EBM and Industrial. Currently Rah identifies as a Techno DJ with a wide range of musical influences.

DJ Rapa Tone
“The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.” That is a quote from the profile of DJ Rapa Tone, and we completely agree! Deeply stirring is exactly what you get at one of Rapa’s sets. With a profound affection for Melodic Progressive tracks and for Uplifting Trance, this professional DJ from Japan can be heard on Osaka Sunrise from Digitally Imported Radio. And now, she is making her Fairelands debut! Another of Rapa’s favorite quotes is, “Sometimes a sakura is just a sakura.” Indeed! And sometimes, a Cherry Blossom unfolds to reveal something so deeply stirring that your soul is never quite the same. Great music can make us more human, and that is what Rapa’s sets do precisely. Don’t miss this one! We could all use a little of that special magic right now!

DJ Recki Laville
The Party just keeps getting hotter, as Recki takes the helm of the Fairechylde, Her sets are known for a killer blend of Industrial/EBM and Cyberpunk/Futuristic tunes! She’s been DJing in SL since 2015 and mixing since 2018. Sounds like our beloved Dragon powered airship is in good hands! Recki writes, “I have a weakness for hard beats, crunch and contrast!”

DJ Rex Havoc
Don’t let the name fool you. Rex Havoc is as easy going and laid back as they come! But there is nothing he likes better than to rev up the crowd with his music. Rex is no stranger to the DJ Console. He’s been spinning in both lives for over 20 years. He started on internet radio back in the 90’s and he’s still there! And he’s been DJing for crowds in SL for the last ten years. From Industrial Metal to the Blues, Rex believes in the power of music and is very excited to be sharing that passion with the Fairelands and with Relay For Life!

DJ Rox Arten
The creative genius behind Secrets of Gaia, one of our Faire Sponsors, and the driving force behind the aptly named Twisted Hunts (Fun! Also MADDENING!), our own beloved Rox Arten is also well versed in the controls of the DJ deck of the Fairechylde. When she takes the wheel the destination might be Soundtracks, Traditional and World Music, New Age and Mystical tracks, Pop, Dance, Gothic or straight up, old-school Rock and Roll. Rox just wants to make sure that you have a great time and walk away (or shuffle, strut, boogie, what-have-ya) feeling a little bit more joyful than when you arrived. She’s also one of the most supportive Fairelanders you could ever hope to meet. We rely on Rox a lot! And she has never let us down. Swing by the Fairechylde when Rox is spinning and tell her we sent ya. There might be some chocolate in it for you!

DJ Ruth Spiritor
Ruth lives the One Team philosophy of Relay For Life. Her team, Cure Chasers, has been part of Fantasy Faire’s One Team Initiative for the last two years and when she says that we’re all in this together, she means it! Cure Chasers are Fairelanders and vice versa. We all march proudly under our own team banners, but flying over them is the Purple flag of RFL and our eyes are fixed on the same destination: A World Without Cancer! At the helm, Ruth loves to spin for Relayers and she can bring it all. Soundtrack, New Age / Mystical, Symphonic Rock, Rock / Pop / Dance, Gothic, and Country. No matter the style or the venue, this is one Relayer who knows how to rock!

DJ Sasha Allardyce
The always delightful Sasha Allardyce takes the helm of the Fairechylde and steers her into the realm of musical magic. Sasha has been a DJ in Second Life for 10+ years now … spinning a WIDE variety of music, mostly blues but also classic rock, soul, and R&B. Sasha believes in making her shows lively, chatty, and fun … and loves when the audience chats in local! She pays close attention to local chat and likes to keep the crowd talking! Come join her – and be Spellbound :>)))

DJ Sasha Fairywren
Start off the weekend with one of the Faire’s Go-To DJs! Sasha has been on our Must Call list for years, partly because she spins such a perfect mix of music and partly because she lives the One Team philosophy of Relay For Life. Sasha’s mix might include Traditional and World Music, New Age and Mystical tracks, Songs of the Renaissance and Rock & Roll, Pop music and Dance. And her Relay credentials are rock solid. Sasha is a leader of Team Shadows, who have been one of the Fairelands strongest allies in the fight against cancer for many years. The cause is a deeply personal one for her, having lost many family members to this awful disease. So, Sasha is here to make a difference and we love to hand over the wheel of the Fairechylde to her and watch her do just that!

DJ Silverfox Rainbow
Silver – also known as Ginniji-san – is one of our favorite Faireland DJs! Think of a club scene in a super-cool Anime series and you’ll be getting close to Silver’s vibe.You never know what you’re going to hear at one of Sil’s sets. But you can’t count on it being energetic and fun! Just what you need to get the virtual blood pumping on a Sunday morning!

DJ Smurfie Sands
Oh oh oh!!! It’s time! DJ Smurfie is spinning and making herself dizzy. Oh and she’s playing some great blues. What type you may ask? Why, everything you might be in the mood to hear, maybe never heard before. Aww heck! Maybe she’s never heard them either! Back by popular demand! The always dee-lightful, ever dee-licious, often dee-lerious Smurfie returns to steal your heart and play those tunes that get into your head and just won’t go away!! S’ok tho! She rawks! VaDaaaaaa!

DJ Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood
One of the fantastical races the Faire would be lost without are the Wood Elves. That’s why we are honored to welcome Tamlorn back to the DJ deck of the Fairechylde! From his woodland sanctuary where the Old Ways are still kept, he makes the journey each year to the Fairelands with a blend of magic, music and light for which his kind are so well known. Music creates a mood and it can also create stunning vistas in our mind’s eye. Tamlorn takes that to a higher level, as he paints with sound and immerses us in those mystical realms. With his set this year falling on that High Holiday of Beltane you can expect a set that celebrates the arrival of Spring no matter what mix of styles he decides on. For his dedication to the Faire and to the vision of a World Without Cancer, we embrace our brother, friend and fellow Fairelander. Tamlorn, Laird of Rosemont Woodlands!

DJ Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash)
The Co-Founder Relay Rockers, and the man behind the curtain at T1 Radio! Trader is also a Leukemia Survivor, a winner of the Spirit of Relay Award, and the host of Relay Rap which celebrates Relay and Relayers in Second Life. This AviChoice Favorite Radio DJ winner knows classic rock, and when he brings the Relay Rap team to broadcast from the Fairelands each year there are always some great tunes as well. With so many great reasons to Relay, including for the Caregivers who have helped keep him strong, Trader is one of the most passionate Relayers on the grid. Join him as Relay Rap welcomes special guests from the Fairelands!

DJ Vandon Lancrae
He may be making his Faireland debut as a DJ, but Vandon is actually no stranger to our shores! He’s been coming to enjoy the shopping in our magical realms for many years and loves the amazing environments our Worldmakers create. Now retired, Vandon gets to rock out a little harder these days and he loves to share his eclectic taste in music with SL audiences, from Renaissance to Rock & Roll! Vandon also served his country honorably in uniform. For that, and for enlisting in our shared efforts to Build a World Without Cancer we salute you, good sir! We’re honored to call Vandon one of our Faireland DJs and to Relay by his side!

DJ Vasa Vella
DJ Vasa is a long time Friend of the Faire and his sets are a great excuse to get a little wyld! And let’s face it! Sometimes you need to dance with a Satyr by your side. (For Satyrs it is polite to Flirt. Think of it as a full body handshake with less clothing!) When Satyr’s bring a horn section, they literally bring a horn section! Satyr’s gonna Sate! We could make worse jokes but you get the point….and if you do, don’t worry. We have Faireland medics standing by with band-aids and ointments.

DJ Zander Greene
Fantasy Faire and Fantasy Faire Radio’s founder, Zander is proud of every person who works to bring the Fairelands to life and of all who come to their magical shores. In his First Life, Zander has been an actor, director and producer for theatre, film, animation and radio projects. Also a waiter, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman, and for a couple of weeks in the mid 80’s he was the Pope. (We’re pretty sure that last one is not true, but our fact-checker team isn’t returning our calls.) Still, there is no job he has ever enjoyed more than spinning great Faire music for the best audiences on the grid. From Fantasy film music to classic rock, Zander loves helping to create your soundtrack to the Fairelands!

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