LitFest Tours No.9: Tinkers Hollow

Please note: you do not need to use any of these ideas; feel free to write about anything in this region.


Visit Tinkers Hollow

If you had the power to create anything you thought, what would you think? And if every thought you thunk took form, where would you store all the stuff? Welcome to Tinkers Hollow. The eclectic trappings of an unusual mind filled with everything from toys and cards to gears and cogs. Who knows what might appear?


Things to look at 
In this region every corner hides something new and amazing.
Who might be arriving (or leaving) by sky boat? Creaking and swaying it may soon depart.
Look carefully, small (and not so small) creatures lurk everywhere.

This one certainly looks like a lurker, and possibly a carnivore too!
Look around every building; here a dragon guards her eggs.

The weird and wonderful abound here!
Dolphin bubbles from a chocolate lake!


Keep a look out also for the musical trio of crickets and the dancing unicorns.

From the creators:
Author Arthur Gridely was just a child when he wrote Barnabas Bagstock into life; you see Arthur had a gift, a fantastical, magical, wondrous, stupendous gift! Arthur … could bring his imagination to life! Really… really …really…  to life!

Now as to how this works I am at a loss to explain, however what I can tell you is that when you have an imagination like Arthur’s, that is to say an imagination that is boundless, never tires and happens to have a fantastical, magical, wondrous, stupendous ability to simply write anything, anything at all into life…you end up with a lot of clutter, and I do mean A LOT!!!


Let me skip ahead to when Arthur and Barnabas were all grown up… on this day Arthur’s imagination was working overtime …he had developed a fascination with clocks, cogs, and gears…all manner of gadget! He was obsessed.  Bits and Bobs lay scattered all about the place, Barnabas found himself wading knees deep in all manner of knick knacks.  ARTHUR!..he shouted “You must stop! ARTHUR! We will be up to our whiskers if this goes on… ARTHUR! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME! ARTHUR!!!

The last Arthur was loud enough and sharp enough to snap him out of his  imagination, “oh my..” Arthur looked about “This is quite a mess! with a look of curious thought he almost mumbled to himself ,” Whatever will we do with it all? hmm.”


Just at that moment as if they were of one mind, Arthur and Barnabas both bore the look of a man who had just come up with the right answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg? They both spoke at once, Arthur laughed…smiling he gestured at his friend to continue, Barnabas cleared his throat “What if instead of just writing about stuff, you write about a place where all the stuff can be…”

“BRILLIANT Barnabas! Simply Brilliant I say!” Arthur’s face took on a quizzical expression “What should we name such a place?”

Barnabas started pacing, a determined look settling on his face, they paced back and forth oblivious to the knee deep clutter each stride they took had to push through… they paced and stopped, looking about to speak, then went on pacing without a word being uttered, all of a sudden their voices rang out in unison ..

TINKERS HOLLOW ! they shouted together, And it shall be grand indeed…” ⓒ


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