LitFest Tours No.4: Echtra


Please note: you do not need to use any of these ideas; feel free to write about anything in this region.

Visit Echtra.

The land is stuck in time. There is no summer nor is there any winter. There is just a grey emptiness hanging over the once busy town of Echtra and the surrounding moorland. And what of the legends that tell of a great sleeping dragon under the hill the town is built. Will the secrets of this once thriving community be revealed and if they can be discovered exactly who will awake?


Things to look at

The moorland below the city, haunt of hares and standing stones.
Shops have to be raised above the mud, but glowing footprints remain undisturbed.
Grey banners in a grey world
The Longhouse hides secrets.
Follow the footprints, but where do they lead?
Light shines up from below!


Things to think about

Who does the statue commemorate?
Where do the glowing footprints lead?
What sleeps beneath the hill?
What tale do hedgehogs tell? (Collect a HUD to find out.)

What disaster befell the people here?


A RFL of SL Event

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