LitFest Tours No.2: Lucentia


Please note: you do not need to use any of these ideas; feel free to write about anything in this region.

There lies a realm in the depth of antiquity- or perhaps it’s the distant future- where all is energy and light and physical substance has no meaning. A glowy world of shifting lights and undulating energies. A world of magic and emotion and beauty. Where the only danger is losing your mind.


Things to look at
Forces of tremendous energy rest uneasily in the harbour.
Who … or what … sips wine at this table?
A jumble of levels and rooms.


Things to think about
Who inhabits the jumble of rooms and levels, what scurries along the corridors?
Are time and space distorted? From what eras might the inhabitants have been drawn?
Could giants fit in the apparently tiny rooms?
Who takes afternoon tea on the (eastern?) side of the harbour?
Where are the boats?
Is the water essential to the energy node? Or is it a jewel of tremendous power?



A RFL of SL Event

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