LitFest Tours 2023

Answer the call to ride out with our merry company to explore the Fairelands! Our guides will lead you to each of the marvelous Fairelands where we will explore the lands, share stories, and uncover secrets.

Tours depart from the LitFest home, where we gather as a band of intrepid explorers before sallying forth. Tours are scheduled at 1:00 pm or 5:00 pm daily. All are welcome!

Each tour is led by a member of our LitFest company. On your journey, you’ll be soothed by a musical score created for each Faireland by one of our talented DJs. Some tours will include a visit from that Faireland’s worldbuilders, the wizard-like beings who bring the lands to life.

The Tours are a marvelous (and popular) way to see the Fairelands. Think of us as your resource for exploration and inspiration!

LitFest Tour Schedule

A RFL of SL Event

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