LitFest Tour Wednesday 5th May 2021 • 5 pm slt: Scrimshaw Warrens

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to ancient mysteries of  Scrimshaw Warrens by Lrriven.

Far below the snowy forests, remains of an ancient power lie hidden in the ice caverns of the yetis. Unravel the mystery of the runes and reveal the story of an epic battle. Learn of the creatures who remain behind and what they guard lest their felled foe rise again. Explore the frigid warrens, find lost treasures, and become part of an epic tale.

Things to See:

At Scrimshaw’s highest point is a quiet shrine where the fires are never extinguished. Snow falls on the rounded hills where encampments and fanciful snowmen are found. All seems quiet and peaceful in the morning sun.

Hidden Secrets:

Yet the gap in the earth cannot be ignored and what lies within seems darker and altogether more mysterious. What were these massive creatures whose bones dwarf all visitors? Why are strange symbols carved into the bones? Why do strange energies pulse through them?

Things to Ponder:

How does the sunlit, snowy world above link to what is below? There is a sense of balance but how is it maintained? At what cost? And what lies within that small dark tunnel?

LitFest Information

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm from Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙 , to explore the Fairelands.

We encourage people who join the Tours to write about the Fairelands we visit. We would love it if you would share your work by submitting your story or poem! All pieces will be posted online with others inspired by this region. You retain creative ownership of works shared.

In addition, some pieces may be recorded (with your permission) by the LitFest team. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please let us know on your submission.

Submit your writing by e-mail to

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