LitFest Tour Thursday 6th May 2021 • 5 pm slt: Khol Dracys

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to mighty region of Khol Dracys by Wanders Nowhere.

Rising above a steaming jungle domain, this massive ruined tower was once a central place for Dragons worshipping the Sacred Elements from which they draw their essence. Even in this state of decay, their mighty wings can sometimes be heard as they come in pilgrimage from all the worlds where dragons rule the skies.

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Things to See:

For centuries, tales have been told of an ancient tower, an interdimensional holy place where dragons from different worlds gathered to pay tribute to Draconic gods and share lore, tell news and gossip, and sometimes exchange rare items from their dimensions. Even now, with the tower fallen into disrepair and old alliances broken, dragons come on pilgrimage.

Now you too will follow ancient paths to arrive at this magical place. Waterfalls spill gracefully down sandstone rocks. Did they form naturally? Were they built to carry water to the dwellings? Tall trees add greenery. From them, small buildings have been carved with graceful arches, intricate carvings, and branches that reach into the sky like a dragon’s horns.

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Hidden Secrets:

Suddenly you startle as you hear a roaring sound high above. Your eyes follow the lines of the tower higher and higher until it is lost in the clouds. Was that… could it have been… A DRAGON?

You enter the tower, hard stone held aloft by beams cut from the tall trees. Wood and stone arches hold the tales of Khol Dracys. A bright beam of light magically transports you to a higher level… then another… then another… until finally you reach the top. What surprises await you there?

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Things to Ponder:

Clearly, magic is at work here. Or if not magic, then science unknown to us. What kind of a world is Khol Dracys? What technologies are at work? What histories and mythologies have been collected?

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LitFest Information

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm from Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙 , to explore the Fairelands.

We encourage people who join the Tours to write about the Fairelands we visit. We would love it if you would share your work by submitting your story or poem! All pieces will be posted online along with others inspired by this region. You retain creative ownership of works shared.

In addition, some pieces may be recorded (with your permission) by the LitFest team. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please let us know on your submission.

Submit your writing by e-mail to

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