LitFest Tour Saturday 1st May 2021 • 5 pm slt: Isles of Tarrin

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to the charming Isles of Tarrin by Teager, Ketsui Naidoo and Monstaar.

Resting on the winds resides a peaceful colony, a peculiar yet awe-inspiring settlement. It is springtime and the flowers are in bloom, while the locals join in the colorful merriment and open their doors welcoming travelers. What surprises await you in the Isles of Tarrin?


Things to See:

The company of Faire Folk seek the ways less traveled. Dare you run down springtime meadows and jump aboard one of the little airborne ferry skiffs? The waterwheel creaks, but not as much as the little boats do as they carry us aloft! The boat has docked, but the rocks above look fearsome and the islands do not look so close together from up here! So many inviting streets to meander along, and so very many shops to explore.


Hidden Secrets:

You may be lucky enough to see a little Teagle mouse, they are said to bring good fortune and happy shopping, so do stop and say hello. Dare you leap back across the islands beyond the end of the roads? Safely back at sea level, shall we set sail for new lands?


Things to Ponder:

This is a happy land, full of whimsy. The painted clouds and chimney smoke speak of spring and new beginnings. Your stories and poems are invited to share in the qualities of this gentle place.

Request from Teager (one of the builders): “The sim was inspired by Ghibli films, so if you do write some form of lore for it for LitFest, I just ask that it be appropriately whimsical for the source material.”


LitFest Information

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm from Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, to explore the Fairelands.

We encourage people who join the Tours to write about the Fairelands we visit. We would love it if you would share your work by submitting your story or poem! All pieces will be posted online along with others inspired by this region. You retain creative ownership of works shared.

In addition, some pieces may be recorded (with your permission) by the LitFest team. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please let us know on your submission.

Submit your writing by e-mail to

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