LitFest Tour Monday 26th April 2021 • 5 pm slt: Somniatoris Arx

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to the excitingly piratical region of Somniatoris Arx created by Walton F. Wainwright and Victor Eton.

Before time as it was known, an entity fell from the heavens and embedded itself into the stone where it came to rest; until it too became part of the earth. Its passing brought unusual powers to the surrounding lands, and gifted the few who uncovered it the means to forge a civilization. In the compact city of Somniatoris Arx, industrious businesses are suspended skyward; filled with towering buildings carved by artisans of the sacred dreamer’s tomb as if to mimic cathedrals in its honour. A cacophony of bells rings from every cardinal direction, stirring the fallen spirit from its long slumber below.

Somnia fallen banner

Things to See:

The spires of this city are a marvel to behold, drawing the eye upward, a reminder of where the energy pulsing within the land came from. Stained glass windows throughout capture the light, bringing warmth to the towers of pale stone.

Somnia spires banner

Hidden Secrets:

Who are the dark cloaked guardians perched outside the archway covering the vast skeleton? What could possibly try to harm such a massive creature? Or perhaps the guardians maintain a barrier between the creature and the city to protest the city. Do we know?

Somnia guardians banner

Things to Ponder:

There is a symbiosis between the creature, once of heaven and now bound to earth, and the vast city that surrounds it, born of earth but reaching, reaching to the skies. There is symmetry and beauty of line in the city. The skeleton sprawls, organically real, beneath. Which is more alive?

Somnia mandala banner

LitFest Information

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm from Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, to explore the Fairelands.

We encourage people who join the Tours to write about the Fairelands we visit. We would love it if you would share your work by submitting your story or poem! All pieces will be posted online along with others inspired by this region. You retain creative ownership of works shared.

In addition, some pieces may be recorded (with your permission) by the LitFest team. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please let us know on your submission.

Submit your writing by e-mail to

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