LitFest Tour Friday 23rd April 2021 • 5 pm slt: Tempest Bay

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to the excitingly piratical region of Tempest Bay created by Bee Dumpling and Solas Enchantment.

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Isabella Bonny was a brash and irreverent lass with flaming red hair. After marrying a sailor in 1718, they journeyed to the pirate-infested island of New Providence, There, she fell under the spell of the flamboyant buccaneer “Bloody” Jack. So, she abandoned her husband, and together, Jack and Isabella began plundering unsuspecting trading sloops and fishing vessels with impunity. On one such skirmish, Jack was run through and killed by a merchant sailor’s cutlass. Devastated, Isabella vowed revenge for her lover’s death. Over the next few years, she assembled a fleet that was unrivaled and proceeded to plunder her way across the Caribbean Sea.

The British navies were enlisted to bring her to justice. Rather than be caught however, Isabella sailed her brigantine ‘Heartless’ to the mysterious island, Tempest Bay—a place rumored to devour vessels and send their crews to a watery grave. As the ship approached the island, Isabella ignored the shouts from her terrified crew to come about. Suddenly a fierce squall engulfed the ship and ran it into the jagged shores of the cursed island. The squall abated but for the ill-fated Heartless—all hands were lost.

Years passed, and the island became a settlement and trading port. But the legend of the island and the infamous Isabella Bonny were known by all. Each night after sunset, the townspeople would lock their doors and shutter their windows. Because if you heard Isabella calling for her ‘Bloody’ Jack in the wee hours of the night, it would be the last thing you would ever hear.

Things to See:

Welcome, visitors! Please explore our beautiful harbour in tip top shape! Here you will find all the goods you could possibly want, all at excellent prices. From sturdy cloth for your servants to luxurious silks for your ladies, all is right here! Security is excellent, cleanliness is a priority, and visitors are always welcome. Explore anywhere you like.

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Hidden Secrets:

Ah, traveler, I see ye are from foreign parts. Do ye hear what those officials be sayin’ all dressed in their fancy clothes? Now heed me! This place have a history, it do, and parts are not so pretty.

When the sun go down, do ye be inside, safe and warm and with a full can o’ grog at yer elbow. Those of us what lives here, we know better than to go out after dark. Do ye want to meet the Pirate Queen, cryin’ and moanin’ fer her lost man? Mebbe ye feels brave but don’t be foolish! Don’t ye believe stories of treasure and be tempted to yer death. Mind me words!

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Things to Ponder:

Which parts of history are most important? The official versions, or the stories told around the fire?

Which inspire the most captivating stories?

What poems and stories are you willing to write about Tempest Bay? How far are you willing to go to learn the truth?

Tempest treasure

LitFest Information

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm from Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, to explore the Fairelands.

We encourage people who join the Tours to write about the Fairelands we visit. We would love it if you would share your work by submitting your story or poem! All pieces will be posted online along with others inspired by this region. You retain creative ownership of works shared.

In addition, some pieces may be recorded (with your permission) by the LitFest team. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please let us know on your submission.

Submit your writing by e-mail to

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