LitFest Credits 2019

Organizing Committee

Saffia Widdershins – Lead
LitFest Tours
Summoner of the Company of Faire Folk

Nathaniel Ballard
Guests of Honor Wrangler

Fauve Aeon
She Who Looks After the Tomes
Graphic Artist

Aoife Lorefield
Tour Coordinator

Adele Ward
Musterer of Creatives
Guardian of the Open Mic

Gwen Enchanted
She Who Elegantly Does Whatever Needs To Be Done

Ceejay Writer
Copy Editor/Proofreader

Featured Authors

Elizabeth Bear
Miss Nika Thought-werk

Groups Participating

Tall Tales & Outright Lies
Milk Wood Writer’s Dash
Seanchai Library
Inksters Poetry Prompt
Ce Soir

Participating Performers and Presenters

The Jewel Theatre Presents…
CEH Productions
Red Hot Chilli Pipers/SLCS

LitFest Region Tour Music

Nyza Stillwater
Astoria Luminos

–coming soon, a “Top 5” soundtrack list for each Fantasy Faire sim–

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