Literary Festival Schedule for Sunday April 25th

Poetry: A Celebration of Life with Sabreman Carter
8:00am – 9:00am

Join us for this popular Open Mic with Sabreman Carter in Dragon’s Dreams on Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙


VL and VCARA Study read aloud
9:00am – 10:00am

This will be a Fantasy Faire reading of two stories by beloved storyteller Hans Christian Anderson who was born in Denmark in 1805. This author wrote 156 fairy tale stories and they have been translated into more than 125 languagees.

The readers today represent three Library and Information Science communities in SL working together. First, San Jose State University iSchool’s VCARA group (Pat, Bethany and Marie), the Community Virtual Library (Val), and InfoLit Island, home of the Virtual World Education Roundtable (Sheila).

Online information about our library and information science groups can be found at these sites: and and

This event will be in the Dragon Dreams theatre cave on Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙.

This event will be in the Dragon Dreams theatre cave on Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙.


Sonitus Randt hosts the Words and Music Open Mic for poetry and song
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Sonitus Randt hosts a wonderful event with words, music and dance!

Lotus Pond on Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙


Chinese Dance Practice with Ktahdn Vesuvino
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Last year, we all had great fun practising for our 1,001 Nights party, with music and dances supplied by Ktahdn Vesuvino – and this year we have the chance to learn our best Chinese dances, ready for the Party on Tuesday 27th April at 1pm SLT.

Join us as we dance !


LitFest Tour No.3: Yin Yang
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Yin Yang by Takuya Jinn
Through the union of opposites we become whole. Mystical garden.

This Tour will be led by Aoife Lorefield who will also supply the musical accompaniment

Tours leave daily at 5:00pm (and 1pm in the final week) from the Market in Líng Xiāo Village in Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙 to explore the Fairelands.


Journey to the West (and East) – A presentation by Singh Albatros
7:00pm – 8:00pm

This year, as the Literary Festival is located on the beautiful Chinese region of Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, we have taken as our theme Chinese myths, legends and fantasy. We will be paying Homage to the great Chinese classic, Journey to the West (the West in this case being India).

Singh Albatros will provide an Introduction to this great work and its role in Chinese Literature at Dragon’s Dreams on Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙.

Journey to the West is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty and attributed to Wu Cheng’en. It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. It has been described as arguably the most popular literary work in East Asia.

Journey with Singh Albatros (aka Chris Mooney-Singh) to learn about the famous late Ming dynasty allegorical novel Journey to the West by Wu Ch’êng-ên tracing the epic journey of monk Tripitaka and his protectors – Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Yulong, the magical horse as they go on a quest from China to India in search of Buddhist scriptures. Singh will also read from his own Singapore-based magic realist novel in progress ‘Ghosts on a Bumboat’ which also draws on sources found in Journey to the West.

Chris Mooney-Singh is a published poet, fiction writer and new filmmaker who has been living in and writing from Asia for more than thirty years. Read more about his work here.

Join us in Dragon’s Dreams:

A RFL of SL Event

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