Literary Festival Schedule 2022

Here you will find details of the events of the Literary Festival and the people and groups who will be appearing. LitFest events will take place in Mythspire Ridge, our special region in the Fairelands, unless otherwise noted.

We have a full schedule! You can see all the details on our calendar below. More details about the individual events appear beneath the calendar

See the details of the Schedule here:

Sunday May 8th opens with the Writing Dash: Join Doyle for the 15 minute writing Dash, on the Junction View Terrace at 7 am SLT. Creative flow to start the day!

At 8 am, join us on the Troll Terrace in Mythspire Ridge as Sabreman Carter hosts Poetry: A Celebration of Life. At this open mic poetry event, you can share your own poem, or favorite works by other poets.

At 11:00 am, join us in the Hall of the Golden Stag for a celebration of the films entered in the Fantasy Faire Film Competition and the awarding of the first Wafflies. Then stay to celebrate LitFest and FilmFest and this marvelous, amazing Faire. After the awards ceremony, we dance! 
The music will begin after the awards and continue until 1 pm SLT. Bring your best Faire outfit. Aoife Lorefield will DJ a party set based around music from soundtracks.

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