Literary Festival Credits 2022

Interim Directory for 2022: Aoife Lorefield

FilmFest Directors: Saffia Widdershins & Chantal Harvey

Writing Circles Coordinator: Adele (Jilly Kidd)

Book Table & Livestreaming: Dawny Daviau

Tour Leaders: Angel Chauvert, Aoife Lorefield, Gewn Enchanted, Saffia Widdershins, Shyla the Super Gecko

Tour DJs: Aoife Lorefield, Astoria Luminos, DaveOSaurus, Ktahden Vesuvino, Patricio Morpork, Tamlin Carterhaugh, Zander Greene

Special thanks to the Heralds for all their help with the tours!

Event Leads: Adele, Aoife Lorefield, Chantal Harvey, Nathaniel Ballard, Saffia Widdershins, CeeJay Writer, Doyle, Destry Recreant, Klannex Northmead, Saberman Carter, Sonitus Randt, Wolfgang Glinka

Our thanks to all of our guest artists who joined us this year to read, perform, share films, tell stories, and expand our horizons. We appreciate the creative work you shared with us!

A RFL of SL Event

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