Literary Festival and Film Festival Schedule 2023

Please note: We recommend looking at this calendar in Agenda view.

This is your guide to all the fabulous events of the Literary Festival – and the Film Festival too!

To see individual events, you can click on the listings in the calendar above, or you can follow the links below to visit the daily pages.

We hope you find many things to enjoy at the LitFest and FilmFest!

Friday 21st April – Lit Fest Opens!
Saturday 22nd April
Sunday 23rd April
Monday 24th April
Tuesday 25th April
Wednesday 26th April
Thursday 27th April
Friday 28th April
Saturday 29th April
Sunday 30th April
Monday 1st May
Tuesday 2nd May
Wednesday 3rd May
Thursday 4th May
Friday 5th May
Saturday 6th May – Final Day!

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