Literary Festival 2022

Once again, Fantasy Faire emerges from the magical mists of time. The eighth Fantasy Faire Literary Festival, our celebration of fantasy in the form of story, wakes from a dream-filled sleep. This year, our home is Mythspire, a land of high towers, steep cliffs, and undersea wonders.

The LitFest offers many ways to experience the stories of the Faire and inspire your own tales of journeys, wonders, and adventures.

To check in on all the events we have to offer this year, visit our Literary Festival Calendar!

As ever, there will be plenty to see, hear, and do. We invite you to ride out with us as we tour the Fairelands, discovering their marvels and secrets. Learn more about the Tours and what adventures are in store by visiting the LitFest Tours page.

At our home in Mythspire, join us in writing circles and open mics, in readings of poetry and prose, and talks by special guest authors and storytellers.

We celebrate the Arthurian tradition with a special Theme Day on Wednesday, May 4. Beginning with T.H. White’s beloved retelling, The Once and Future King, we delve into the branches of this rich tradition, reaching into the past and the realms of Faerie.

We’ve expanded our LitFest Film Festival, grounded in Second Life and featuring virtual fantasy films. Here you can watch and learn, perhaps picking up your virtual camera to enter the film competition.

Keep an eye on the Literary Festival Schedule, to find details of what’s on. Highlights will appear on the main page of the Fantasy Faire site for news and announcements

Our History
The first Literary Festival appeared in the Fairelands in 2015. We have featured speakers and workshops, authors and poets, special guests and region tours. We have celebrated the storied worlds of Ursula LeGuin, Terry Pratchett, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien and George RR Martin with special days of events.  Curious? Explore Litfests of previous years

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