Literary Festival 2021

The wheel of the year turns and Fantasy Faire once more sails into view, and with it, the seventh Fantasy Faire Literary Festival, our annual celebration of fantasy in the form of literature, poetry and other media. This year, our home is Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙, which is themed around a very special painted dragon.

As ever, there will be plenty to see, hear, and do during LitFest. There will be the traditional LitFest Region Tours & Writing Challenges, visits from Special Guests and the Themed Homage, which this year celebrates Journey to the West!

And this year, we are trying a new experiment at Fantasy Faire – a short film festival, grounded in Second Life and featuring virtual fantasy films of different kinds.

There will be talks by authors, opportunities for discussions, chances to relax and listen to storytelling, and yes, even the odd film or two. If you’re feeling creative, you can hone your skills at our creative writing sessions. Plus, there will be the guided tours of the regions of the Fairelands.

The best way to find out what is going on is to keep an eye on the Literary Festival Schedule, where you will find details of what’s on, and where to find further information. Plus, keep reading the main page of the Fantasy Faire site for news and announcements.

Special Events to Look Out For
In keeping with the Oriental theme of our home region, our special homage this year will be based around that great classic of Chinese literature – Journey to the West, the tale of the epic journey of a Buddhist monk who travelled to the ‘Western Regions’ to obtain and bring back some sacred Buddhist texts. This story is better known to many in the form of the English translation called Monkey. Join us for various readings and other events to celebrate this classic story – you’ll find the details here.

Special Guests
Our special guests this year are Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, creators of, among other things, the wonderful Liaden Universe novels, chapbooks and stories. Go to our Special Guest page to learn more about them and their appearances in LitFest.

We have two other featured guests this year as well: the writer and machinima-maker Huckleberry Hax, and the Singapore academic Chris Mooney, better known in Second Life as Singh Albatros. You can read more about them here on our Featured Writers Page.

Riding Out with the Company of Faire Folk
The Fairelands are extensive, a vast and varied landscape with many spectacles and places to explore. You could lose yourself for days, investigating all the paths and trails within these lands. So, why not explore with confidence and in good company, guided by somebody who knows? Join the Faire Folk on their daily expeditions, riding forth to visit a new region every day. Check the calendar and the LitFest Tours page for the schedule, meet up at the appropriate time at the Market in Líng Xiāo Village in Líng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙 and venture out to see what there is to be seen.

From April 23rd – May 2nd, tours will start at 5pm. From May 3rd to May 7th, there will be tours at 1pm and 5pm. Keep an eye on announcements, because popular tours may be repeated.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras, pens and paper. There is much to be seen and you never know, you might feel inspired to write a story or a poem inspired by your adventures. If you do feel so inclined, you can submit them to the Tales from the Faireland pages for publication there and/or on the FF blog. More details can be found on the LitFest Tours and Regions Writing Challenge page.

Note that submissions received before May 15th will appear on the pages and the blog, those received after May 15th and before May 31st will appear on the pages only.

Readings, Workshops and Open Mics
There are many other things to be found during the LitFest. You could spend time listening to authors discussing their works. You could be listening to stories, or sharing your own stories and poems, or joining in with discussions on various subjects. Be sure to keep an eye on the Schedule to see what is happening.

The Film Festival
And don’t forget our new experiment – the Film Festival. This year, there will be a short film festival, grounded in Second Life and featuring virtual fantasy films of different kinds in the Dragon Dreams theatre cave onLíng xiāo lóng 灵霄龙. The line up includes a Machinima Monday session with famed machinimatographer, Chantal Harvey, a retrospective of the work of Loki Eliot, an opportunity to binge-watch the popular series The Blackened Mirror, and a showing of the full length thriller STÖMOL by Huckleberry Hax, introduced by the film-maker – as well as other showings as well – see the schedule here!

A Little Bit of our History
Fantasy Faire has hosted the Literary Festival within it since 2015. It has featured speakers and workshops, authors and poets, special guests and region tours. It has celebrated the imagination and the works of Ursula LeGuin, Terry Pratchett, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien and George RR Martin with their own days of events.  It has escorted the curious through the Fairelands and encouraged them to put their discoveries to words. Why not take a look at the Literary Festivals of the previous years?

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