Literary Festival 2020


The Literary Festival (LitFest) returns to Fantasy Faire for its sixth year, and in 2020 we find ourselves on the desert sands in the Drifts of Anamnesis.

During LitFest, you will have the opportunity to listen to talks by authors, engage in discussions, hone your skills through creative writing sessions, relax and listen to storytelling, and thrill to exciting performances and various surprises.

On each day of LitFest, be sure to review the Literary Festival Schedule to choose your activities. There’s lots of details about the events and participants.

Some Special Events to Look Out for
Monday, April 27th will be our special Homage Day to Scheherazade and the Tales of 1,001 Nights. Join us in celebrating these tales from Arabia, Persia, India and China, presented through the medium of Scheherazade and her cunning plan to save not only her life, but also the lives of countless other innocent women.

There will be talks and readings to celebrate the 1,001 Nights – and throughout the two weeks of the LitFest, there will be more readings from the Tales. And on the 28th there will be a special party to celebrate the Tales too!

Our special Guest of Honour is Fran Wilde Fran is a three times Hugo nominee (including this year!) and has been unable to resist the call of the Fairelands, She will will be joining us in-world to be interviewed on April 28th, and then again on May 1st to read to us from her works. Please help us welcome her to LitFest.

The Company of Faire Folk Ride Out!
The Fairelands are vast, filled with paths that twist and turn, and its possible that up might become down here and there. Venture forth with confidence amongst the Faire Folk as they ride daily at 5pm slt to explore a new region every day. Keep a sharp eye on the tour schedule, and don’t forget to add pencils and paper to your travel bag. You may feel the urge to write a story! See LitFest Tours and Regions Writing Challenge for more information.

Please note that stories and poems received before the end of May 5th will appear on our special Tales from the Faireland pages and on the Fantasy Faire blog. Stories and poems received after May 5th but before the end of May 31st will appear on the Tales from the Faireland pages only.

A Wide Program of Readings, Workshops and Open Mics
Whether you want to hear authors discussing their works or sharing ideas, whether you want to listen to stories or share your own, whether you want to create poetry or stories, whether you want to join in discussions, the LitFest has something to offer you, throughout the Faire. Make sure to check out our Schedule every day!

A Little Bit of our History
Fantasy Faire has hosted the Literary Festival within it since 2015. It has featured speakers and workshops, authors and poets, special guests and region tours. It has celebrated the imagination and the works of Ursula LeGuin, Terry Pratchett, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien and George RR Martin with their own days of events.  It has escorted the curious through the Fairelands and encouraged them to put their discoveries to words. Why not take a look at the Literary Festivals of the previous years?

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