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This is the second year that the American Cancer Society has asked Fantasy Faire to focus our efforts on a special project. In 2018, the Fairelands raised $50,000 US Dollars to aid in the construction of the first Hope Lodge to be built outside the United States.

The Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, is the only public comprehensive cancer treatment center in the country, which means that the patients from allover Kenya and across the region travel there for their treatments, and often end up sleeping on the hallways of the hospital, or outside. Many choose not to go to treatments at all because of this.

The planned KNH Hope Hostel will provide free temporary housing and integrated hospital services for the cancer patients and their caregivers, house an on-site resource center with cancer information, offer a place to rest during the day, and serve more than 1,000 cancer patients annually.

Because of the efforts of Relayers in Second Life, the KNH Patient Navigator program has already been launched. Since the Faire ended last year, 4000 people in Kenya have had access to information and guidance to help them better understand their diagnosis and their treatment. We are already making a vital difference. This year, with your help and that of Relayers across the world we will finish the job of raising the money needed to begin construction of the Hope Hostel itself.

The American Cancer Society believes that WHERE you live shouldn’t determine IF you live. They are asking us – they’re asking you – to help build Hope a Home in Kenya.

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