Jail and Bail 2020

Fantasy Faire Watch - picture by Herpassion
Jail and Bail is a long-standing Faire tradition of the Fairelands Watch apprehending well-known criminals and imprisoning them. For some reason the said criminals are often found amongst our creators and world builders, much to everyone’s shock and dismay. The Tiny Sheriffs tend to be merciful if enough donations are gathered in the RFL kiosks present at the public jailing.

During the long years of faithful and waffle-driven service the Sheriffs have imprisoned Faire Folk from innocent petite fairies like Yuna Yuadl of Ankle Biter to more imposing figures such as Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. Since 2015 the Pawcifers have gone after even bigger scoundrels and arrested Lindens, year after year! In 2017 a part of the paid Bail involved the Faire Folk getting more Faire days!

Nothing To See Here No Pictures Move Along !.png
“Nothing to see here no pictures move along!” High Sheriff OldeSoul Eldemar, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Please be at your best behavior when in the Fairelands, and pay your fines pre-emptively into the RFL kiosks!

The Jail & Bails of 2020

Rox Arten

Tuesday April 28th, 1 – 3 PM SLT with DJ DaveOSaurus at Elemaria
Few names cause Fairelanders to tremble more than that of The Fairelands Watch! These stalwart officers of the law may be short in stature but they make up for it in the size of their…appetites! (Thought I was gonna cross the line there, didn’t ya?)

Their annual round-up of Jailbirds commences this year with the arrest of one of the Faire’s best loved Merchants and DJs! Rox Arten is as good as gold! Which is probably why the Watch thought she would fetch a good price in bail. Not to worry though, because all those donations go straight to Relay For Life!

We will Rally for Rox! But be warned, the Constables of the Watch have been known to throw innocent bystanders in a jail cell too.

Whattya gonna do? Dey iz da law. Dey haz spoken!

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The Lindens

Wednesday April 29th, 1 – 3 PM SLT with DJ David Abbot 
Patch and the Lindens locked up on an island, Moles in the pirate galley’s brig. Who gets the DJ? Only YOU can decide! We’ll be setting up a family feud as the donation kiosks decide exactly whose decks DJ David Abbot will be using! It’s another Fantasy Faire Jail’n’Bail to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, with our very own beloved Lindens and Moles as the very special guest stars! 1-3pm SLT on Melusina’s Depths for the Lindens and on Ambigula for the Moles. Where will Abbot end up? How cheesy will his set be this year? Who really did put the bop in the bop-shoo-wop-shoo-wop and just what was Bobby doing in that shower for a whole year? Most of these question will not be answered, but the only way to find which ones will is to be there!

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Jess Lyon

Thursday April 30th, 1 – 3 PM SLT with DJ Calyope Andel at Melusina’s Depths
We all know and love Jess Lyon! She and her team are the wiz-kids behind our favorite SL Viewer, Firestorm! There are few quiet moments in the life of Ms. Lyon who is one of the hardest working people on the grid!

So. Naturally, the Tiny Constables of the Fairelands Watch have trapped her in their net, slapped her in a cage, and announced that she will not be released until her bail has been raised in support of Relay For Life!

(This is where we would ordinarily cut to a classic crane-shot, pulling back high over head as we all look up and shout NUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!)

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Alia Baroque

Friday May 1st, 4 – 6 PM SLT with DJ Lainey Thorne at Zodiac
Another of the highlights of each year’s Faire! The Jailing of Alia Baroque is an event that blends interactive story-telling, cutting edge visuals, and one heck of a party. Plus, as always the First of the Fallen will be offering exclusive skins to help you decide his fate!

DJ Lainey knows just what this party needs, and her music makes the perfect compliment to the festivities. All you have to do is show up, hold on tight and bask in the glow of one of the best parties the virtual world has ever known!

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Sunday May 3rd, 11 AM – 1 PM SLT with DJ Gem Sunkiller at Spirit Valley of Kuruk
It never fails! Everyone’s favorite ferret and basement kittehs are always up to no good. And their fellow Tinies of the Fairelands Watch are always dee-lited to lock ’em up!

Free ‘Dem! We Shall Obercome! Nubuddy Nose De Trubz Dey Seen!

Could anything be more shocking than Tinies locking up Tinies?! Could anything be more outrageous? Could anything be more fun? Newp!

Good thing Gem Sunkiller will be there to keep things from getting out of….. BwaHaaaHaaaHaaa!! Yeah, I almost got that out with a straight face!

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Fairelands Sheriff logo blue - ck fp ver

A RFL of SL Event

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