Important Information about the Junior S.E.E. of the Amethyst Rift

What is the Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers?
The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers (the S.E.E.) is a group of respected archaeologists who seek to unearth ancient secrets.  Hailing from a realm far distant to the Fairelands, their scholars and explorers have braved many a tomb and thwarted rivals both friendly and deadly.  They have even formed a Junior Society welcoming young burgeoning minds.  However, the youths led by Professor Krakpotter are the black sheep of their order. The High Council figures they are safe enough with him despite his ‘fae-touched’ theories.

Who is Professor Krakpotter?
Whatever the Professor’s real name, he has embraced his unflattering moniker as a badge of honor.  He has a vast interest in the occult, and utilizes unorthodox methods to achieve dubious goals.  Members of the High Council of the S.E.E. have seen fit to stick the Professor with the ‘rejects’—students or applicants who are viewed as having more interest in adventure than science and discovery.

The Professor has entered the Fairelands with one destination in mind: the Amethyst Rift.  The Council does not expect results, but perhaps one of the rejects will show more promise.

What is the Amethyst Rift?
The Amethyst Rift is an abandoned, ancient, but mysteriously preserved home of powerful sorcerers who vanished long ago. It is believed the Rift was a city carved into the walls of a deep fissure at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there flows in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without magical sight. Scavengers and explorers have wondered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift.

What Legends exist of the Rift?
Some Legends claim the Rift was formed by magical sorcerer elves.  Others claim ancient dwarves carved their home and powered their artifacts with the natural ley lines.  Others still  claim it was a melting pot of creatures of which all evidence has turned to dust.  Some claim the Rift was protected by a band of chivalrous magic knights.  Others claim it was the seat of conquerors.

At the center of the mystery sits a broken portal.  Did it unleash an eldritch horror?  Did its people escape an oncoming attack by the Unweaver’s armies?  Was it just a portal that had no hand in the disappearance of these people?  Did any survivors escape the destruction but have been unable to return home?  Will the Faire finally allow them to return home?

Perhaps the Guardians know more?

Who are the Guardians of the Elemental Stones?

The Guardians of the Elemental Stones have hidden themselves within Wiggenstead Mooring for generations.  Protected by the Rickety Weasels, they lived in seclusion until Lord Shadow discovered their secret.  No longer content to be a sub-boss of the Unweaver, he let his greed push him to seek the stones for his own power.  He succeeded in capturing three of these stones and weakening two of them.  His greed proved his undoing and his minions, also consumed by greed, turned against him.  The minions escaped with many spoils, including a small broken-off piece of the water stone.

After his defeat, two of the Guardians went missing.  Strifeclaw of the Earth, and Avariel of the Air, journeyed from Faireland to Faireland seeking their fallen comrades.  With the help of the Magpies of the Bazaar Dungeon, they restored Cale Firesong to his rightful position.  During the adventure with the Bubo Owls, it was discovered Lynx Tree had uncovered a piece of the Water Stone that had broken off after the battle with Lord Shadow.  In the healing waters of Kuruk, it was reforged and reformed with Lynx taking her place among the Guardians.

Who are the Shadows of the Unweaver?
The Shadows serve the Unweaver as his corrupt spies.  Their hierarchy has shifted after the loss of Lord Shadow and not much is known of their current leadership.  An anonymous tip suggested they have an interest in the Amethyst Rift this year…

Where can I find more information?
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