Immortal Horde

Team Captain: Trina Stromfield
Member 1: Jenni Moonshadow
Member 2: Ketsuknight
Member 3: LuckyWolfs

The Immortal Horde is a family that usually stays in the realm of bloodlines. Our family has been hit hard with cancer. Trina’s Aunt died of cancer, about a month ago, right before the Relay for Life kicked off in Second life. Trina being someone who wanted to honor the memories of her Aunt, and be there for others in this fight decided to join Immortal with Relay for Life. Trina also then decided that she wanted to take her mesh making talents into the fantasy Faire 2018. Trina also has a close family friend fighting stage 4 lung cancer, and is close to beating it. We pray she does. Lucky Wolf who is part of team immortal lost a grandfather to cancer and wants to see a world free of cancer. Jenni is amazing and kind hearted and wishes that cancer be gone entirely and that those who have it now will get help. Ketsu is the only cat on our team, who feels that cancer is not something to be underestimated, and he wants to see a world where cancer is non existent. We love our team and hope to see Cancer gone forever!

A RFL of SL Event

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