Heart-to-Heart: A Fairelands Tribute

The daily Fairelands Roundups on Fantasy Faire Radio will again include the segment called, “Heart-to-Heart: A Fairelands Tribute.

For a donation of L$10,000, you get to pick a special someone (or group of someones!) and write a brief message to them. We’ll read your message on the broadcast and then play a song especially chosen by Fantasy Faire Radio. The DMCA doesn’t allow us to play requests, but we’ll make sure it’s a song that works beautifully with your message.

The Roundups play every two hours when Fantasy Faire Radio is on the automated DJ system, so your message will be heard by people no matter what time zone they live in.

Give the gift of on-air love to someone who deserves it! “Heart-to-Heart: A Fairelands Tribute.” For a donation of L$10,000 to Relay For Life!

There are only ten available spots so we can’t guarantee everyone who is interested will have their tribute read on air. Fill out the submission form here: https://bit.ly/FFheart2heart If you have questions, you can contact Oldesoul Eldemar (Oldesoul Resident) or Elayne Diavolo for more information.

A RFL of SL Event

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