Game of Thrones Cooperative Reborn RFL

The Game of Thrones A Coop Reborn is a community of sims that are Individuality owned, but work together to achieve common Goal to give ultimate platform for Role players to experience Game of Thrones and to include people with common Passion and love the series and books of George RR Martin.

We Are BASED, and INSPIRED on the Game Of Thrones Series, and all Role play may or may not be EXACT to the books or series, as this leaves room for creative Role play. We are set 600 years prior to the books or series. We are primarily an RP SIM with light Combat using the Feudalism HUD. We welcome new members, those that are seasoned Roleplayers and those that are just beginning.

We have chosen this Venue Relay For Life as our Mission to raise more Awareness. Game of Thrones is our passion so is our compassion for people and the real Lives Cancer destroys every day. In some way in our Real lives this terrible disease has taken a friend, family member, spouse down a dark path. The thing that inspires us is the togetherness we feel no matter where in the World we live, our race, religion, gender, this Disease can consume us and leave someone with no hope.

We stand together to organize, and promote Relay For Life as our Mission to do what we can to assist our friends, and the people we have never met as we are also humanitarian, and care deeply for those that suffer with this disease, and that there are people that care, and have been there and fought the battles and WON!!! This disease can be defeated! There is Light in the dark tunnel! Never give up! “We Stand together” and take the hands of those who are in need of friend, and you have our support.

A RFL of SL Event

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