Filmed Presentations from the LitFest and FilmFest

With permissions, some of the LitFest and FilmFest presentations have been livestreamed by Dawny Daviau. You can catch up with any you missed here, as well as film premieres from the Film Festival:

LitFest: Huckleberry Hax who reads The Director’s Explosion – An Avatar Dining Club Mystery
LitFest: Guest of Honour Anne Louise Avery is interviewed by Saffia Widdershins
FimFest: Premiere of Episode 3 of Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex
FilmFest: Film-maker Bain Finch interviewed by Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins
FilmFest: Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins introduce FilmFest 2023

A RFL of SL Event

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