The Final Shindig Sponsor – A Fantasy Creators Collective

A Fantasy Creators Collective – Sponsor for The Final Shindig.

Six builders unite to breath life in to dreams, magic, and whimsy. ~A Fantasy Creators Collective~ is the abode of fantastic dreams and where to find them!

In 2017, Six shops with a combined SL lifespan of over 50 years joined together to give their customers a one-stop shopping experience for high-quality SL merchandise. It’s rumored the members of the collective send each other dreams and inspirations. Allegedly. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the rumors are true.

Set high in the sky, where they are nearest to the aether through which dreams float, the shops at ~A Fantasy Creators Collective~ encircle a magical courtyard, where visitors will find a portal to join in their adventures . Down below is a world where humans and fantasy beings co-exist in the Sea – A Modern Fantasy Roleplay Sim.

With merchandise ranging from homes and other buildings to gardens, clothing to furniture, avatar accessories to odds and ends and weapons, the shops are an adventurous exploration all by themselves! Visitors can find items for fantasy, medieval, contemporary, and historical settings and avatars.

A word of warning: Be very careful. The dreams and magic and whimsy are contagious!

Building Daydreams, by AineMari Flanagan
Jolly Tinker, by LouenCouer
MacMoragh an Gabha, by Fenn MacMoragh
Satyr’s Moon, by Vasa Vella
Story Collectors, by Morgen Bookmite
Wolf and Raven, by AineMari Flanagan and LouenCouer

A Fantasy Creators Collective. One Landmark, 1 group, 7 Amazing shops.
A world of dreams and magic and whimsy floating in the aether above Sea – A Modern Fantasy Roleplay Sim!


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