Fantasy Faire Radio: Sponsorship

Fantasy Faire Radio’s DJs play aboard The FaireChylde during the Faire.

Fantasy Faire Radio is a major part of the Fantasy Faire experience. In April of 2018, more than 15,000 unique listeners tuned in from over one hundred and fifty countries around the world. Fantasy Faire Radio again provided the soundtrack for those who visited the Faire. But this time, we are here to stay.

Thanks to our Official Media Partner, Radio Riel, Fantasy Faire Radio did not vanish from the airwaves when the 2017 Faire ended on April 30th. We are continuing to broadcast year round with the same fantastic variety of music, storytelling, public service information, and all the other great content which has made it such a beloved part of the Faire.

We are now seeking Sponsors who would like to support this bold new vision for Fantasy Faire Radio.

Payment for each month July through December is 5,000 Lindens per month. Payment for each month January through March and June is 10,000 Lindens. Sponsorship for the months of April and May is priced to reflect the increased listenership during the Faire. April will be 30,000 Lindens and May will be 15,000 Lindens.Your sponsor spot will run three times, at least, per day. Payment is to be made to FantasyFaire (our favorite petite fae) at the beginning of each month. If there are any questions, comments or concerns please contact Elayne Diavolo. PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY LINDEN UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM FANTASYFAIRE.

The language of this message would be much like the following:

“Fantasy Faire Radio is produced in partnership with Radio Riel, and is made possible with support from Joe’s Prim Emporium. Since 2010 providing quality affordable items for your Second Life. For more information, visit Fantasy Faire Radio online at URL.”

Sponsor’s logos will be embedded on that webpage as well, and these could be links to your business website, SL Marketplace Store, or similar destinations.

Consider how associating your brand with that of Fantasy Faire could help you connect with one of Second Life’s most diverse and engaged communities. Fairelanders know how important it is to support the businesses that make the Faire and Fantasy Faire Radio possible.

Please note that your Sponsorship will only be used to pay the Licensing fees for broadcasting music. Any and all money raised from Sponsorships over that amount will be donated to Relay For Life.

We only have slots for six Sponsors per month at the present, so space is limited.

To become a Fantasy Faire Radio Sponsor, use the form below to tell us how to contact you.

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