Fantasy Faire Radio: Sponsorship

Fantasy Faire Radio’s DJs play aboard The FaireChylde during the Faire.

Fantasy Faire Radio is a major part of the Fantasy Faire experience. During the Faire, more than 15,000 unique listeners tune in from over one hundred and fifty countries around the world. Fantasy Faire Radio provides the soundtrack for the many thousands who visit the Faire every year.

But that’s not all – Fantasy Faire Radio is now on the air all year round, with the same fantastic variety of music, storytelling, public service information, and all the other great content which makes it such a beloved part of the Faire.

But doing that costs money. To keep the station on the air year-round, we are seeking Sponsors who would like to support us going forward. In return, you get to support a major Faire feature – and stay in touch with the Fantasy Faire community whether the Faire is open or not!

You can support us July through December for just 5,000 Lindens per month. January through March, and June, are 10,000 Lindens per month. Sponsorship for the months of April and May is priced to reflect the increased listenership during the Faire: April is 30,000 Lindens and May, 15,000 Lindens.

Signal your interest in sponsoring Fantasy Faire Radio by completing the form below, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to go over the details. Don’t send any money until you hear from us.

Your valued contribution will be recognised with a special sponsor message (similar in format to those heard on National Public Radio in the US), voiced by our professional voiceover artists, that will air at least three times per day.

Your logo will also be included on the Fantasy Faire Radio web page, with a link to your business website, SL Marketplace Store, or similar destination.

Connect with one of Second Life’s most diverse and engaged communities by associating your brand with Fantasy Faire, through your sponsorship of Fantasy Faire Radio. Fairelanders know how important it is to support the businesses that make the Faire and Fantasy Faire Radio possible.

Your Sponsorship will be used solely to help cover our licensing fees for the music we play and fixed expenses such as server rental. Any and all money raised from Sponsorships over that amount will be donated to Relay For Life.

Space is limited – we currently offer just six sponsorship slots per month, so get in touch now. To become a Fantasy Faire Radio Sponsor, simply complete the form below.

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