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Fantasy Faire Radio provides the soundtrack for your Fantasy Faire experience along with the latest news and information – enhancing your own personal sense of fantasy and imagination, whether you’re visiting the Faire in-world or you’re out in ‘the other place’ going about your daily business. And now, Fantasy Faire Radio is available all year long!

The station features a wide range of music, stories, drama and Faire information, specially curated and programmed to enhance your Faire-going experience; it also has its tongue firmly in its cheek.

During the Faire…

Throughout the Fairelands, at any time of day, you’ll hear an eclectic selection of sounds – from mediaeval and Renaissance dances to powerful fantasy movie soundtracks; from in-game and TV themes to traditional folk songs and Celtic trance; and much more. News and information is broadcast hourly to let you know the latest goings-on at the Faire and tracing the course of many of the roleplay themes going on throughout the Faire. Specially-recorded Tales from the Fairelands bring you stories inspired by the Faire’s unique regions and inhabitants (see below).

Your Viewer’s media player will play Fantasy Faire Radio on any of the Fantasy Faire regions when you’re visiting the site – simply press Play to hear it – but you can also listen in at any time on your favourite computer- or smartphone-based player, via the TuneIn app or the TuneIn web site, or by using this link If in some cases this doesn’t work for you, try

…And now all year round!

Fantasy Faire Radio is now on the air all year – not just during the Faire. This is made possible by our sponsors. If you’d like to sponsor Fantasy Faire Radio, click here.

In addition to our selection of fantasy-inspired music, we’ll be presenting fantasy drama series, live readings – and original stories inspired by the Fairelands in Tales Of The Fairelands. Watch this space for more information on Fantasy Faire Radio special presentations. Click on the link below to learn more!

Tales from the Fairelands – Now on Mixcloud!

Every year, the Fairelands emerge anew from the mists to create a new Fantasy Faire. And every year, writers gather to pen new stories from those lands as part of the annual LitFest. And though the Fairelands disappear back into the mists every year, the stories they inspire remain with us.

Tales from the Fairelands, on Fantasy Faire Radio, brings those stories to you  throughout the year. And for the next couple of months you can hear a favourite Tales episode on FFR every four hours.

In addition, you can listen to all the Tales from the Fairelands episodes from 2016 to the present, whenever you wish – including some longer Tales that have never been broadcast. Visit FantasyFaireRadioSL on to begin your journey.

Programming on Fantasy Faire Radio is brought to you by:

Gabrielle Riel – Radio Riel Owner & Fantasy Faire Radio Music Library Co-ordinator
Elrik Merlin – Fantasy Faire Radio Technical & Licensing Director
Zander Greene – Fantasy Faire Radio Programming Director
Caledonia Skytower  – Fantasy Faire Radio Station Manager (Off-Season)
Elayne Diavolo & Oldesoul Eldemar – Executive Producers of Live Programming for Fantasy Faire Radio during the Faire

riel-squarelogo150Fantasy Faire Radio is a collaboration between Fantasy Faire and Radio Riel, the Faire’s broadcast Media Partner. Learn more about Radio Riel at

Fantasy Faire Radio is based and licensed in the United States of America, and licensed with PPL UK and PRS for the United Kingdom and other territories covered by their licenses.

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