The Fairelands Quest: The Language of Birds

The Quest Takes Wing

They lift our spirits. They adorn our world. They are revered as the messengers of heaven. Yet, you might not know that birds and their beautiful songs have long been deep in the fight against the Unweaver.

And now, the Bard Queen is worried.

The Unweaver’s latest bit of malice is taking its toll across the realms. And an ancient deterrent created by birds has fallen victim. Unless an intrepid adventurer steps up to help, the result could be heartbreaking.

Could that adventurer be you?

Experience The Fairelands Quest: The Language of Birds, flying high this year across the Fairelands. Both parts of the Quest are now open, and the Quest can be completed. The Quest continues through May 9, the closing day of the Faire.

Take heart and take wing — your challenge awaits!

Begin the quest by purchasing Hunt HUD in any of the landing points in the Fairelands, for example here in the Fairelands Junction.

Are you stuck? Do you need help? Read the FAQ & Troubleshooting Page!

Want a preview of prizes? Check out Quest Prize Catalogue!

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