Fairelands 2023

The Fairelands are approaching our realm, and we have our first glimpses of their new forms and shapes. These are the first brief descriptions of the seventeen shopping regions. The event regions are still remaining shrouded in the mists.

Dingir by Stabitha (What88 Zond)
In another existence, just outside our own, is the forgotten city of Dingir. Its streamlined Art Deco architecture was once filled with bright colors and rich materials, meant to symbolize the beginning of a new age of consciousness. Sadly things didn’t go exactly as planned and chaos errupted. Now muted and neglected, this one time crossroads, which served as a home to human-bound Dreamers and their guides known as “Those Who See and Observe”, lies somewhere between our dreams and reality. What threats are waiting to break into our world?

Flambois by Beq Janus and Elizabeth Jarvinen
Uncover the mysteries of the arcane at the Faire Lands Academy of Magic, a hidden gem in the heart of the mystical Flambois forest. Wander the historic streets, awash in a tapestry of architectural styles from medieval to art nouveau, as you navigate through the three schools of magic. Behold the iconic central hall, where the revered sun tree represents the perfect fusion of nature, light, and water magic. Surrounded by the magnificent dormitory buildings of the school’s houses, watching over the future masters of magic as they learn and grow.

Frostweald by Searlait Nitschke
In the depth of Winter, the world of Frostweald waits. Silence cloaks the forest, then suddenly bitter winds rush through the woods, fiercely howling as branches creak dramatically, threatening to crash to the ground below. Home of the winter witch and will o’ the wisps, Frostweald also welcomes the Spirits of loved ones as they travel from their world to the next. Visitors to the woods enter with respect, mindful that this is a place to commune not just with nature but with the forces of love and life itself. Witches guard the path, & the groves, protecting the spirits bringing them forward showing them the way for those seeking them. The keepers of the in-between. The forest is more than it appears as its boundaries fade and strengthen, not here nor there.

Fungalmire by DaveOSaurus
Fungalmire is a forest steeped in legend and myth, where ancient trees and giant mushrooms tell tales of times past. Winding paths lead to hidden nooks where visitors might stumble upon forgotten artifacts or catch a glimpse of a mystical creature or two. As night falls, the forest seems to come alive with the sound of rustling leaves and whispers on the wind, a place where stories both old and new are waiting to be told.

Giggenwhirl by Allie Munro, Krystali Rabeni, Peter Locke and Lunar Tripsa
A bedridden boy dreams of a beautiful world where he can fly high above the ground into the blue beyond on a myriad of strange and magical creatures with hinged wings and propeller appendages. Welcome to the wonder-land of Giggenwhirl!

Glimmering Meadows by Julala Demina and Lil Cinnamon
A meandering river makes a path through flower-filled meadows, glimmering light reflecting onto the nomadic tents rising up high into the colorful sky.

Isles of Aquarius by Echo (Jessicarubyrabbit) and Liz Corryong
Still dripping with the life-giving waters of the sea, the stone and glass forged by the commanding currents of the merfolk are illuminated by the hypnotic lights of their Prana, or life-force. The bright, open structures that stood submerged for generations now magically float on top the waters surface, allowing the vibrant ocean life to merge with the air and allowing passage to the depths below for those who dare to explore.

Khumbala by Ketsui Naidoo, Robyn (Robynredhead) and Ghost (synthodox)
Since the beginning, Khumbala, an Afrocentric Dreamworld of Memories, has grown and prospered under the rule of five benevolent Gods. Through them, the world was brought the waters, the winds, the very ground we stand, crops that sprout therein and the light that shines above. A world in tune with the elements that merge at the basin of a mighty mountain. From the mountain flows the water that cascades down its steep faces, through colorful and thick jungle where a network of manmade paths connect an airborn portion of this basin city, all leading down to the flat lands of the savannah and bountiful river where more of the city has taken root in the lower landscape. Mighty trees and other interesting flora cover this world and bring it life and vibrancy. While the people, who are forever joyous, pay regular tribute to the Gods in the form of personal offerings, magnificent statues, lively festivals and displaying bursts of rich color.

Nysaris by Kadaj Yoshikawa and Janire Coba
Nysaris is a peaceful polytheist civilization. The town is full of lush vegetation which surrounds the Agora and the Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Hope. Around Nysaris, its villagers as well as visitors can stop by in the many stores, built with limestone and marble and their signature paint, to mark the location of the buildings: pale crimson for the hinterland, and blue for the seaside buildings.

Opera by Alia Baroque
Baroque decadence, whispering curtains, bucholic debauchery.

Safe Haven – The Oasis Of Mana’Olana by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont
A desert landscape with typical buildings, that is obvious at first glance – but a closer look reveals lively greenery in the interior and very unusual flora and fauna in the centre of the land.. A realm for inclusivity, equality, and all the good values in life ..

The Shimmering Fen by Elicio Ember
The air shimmers with magic and the land is lush, a living swamp of towering mushrooms. Meet the graceful elves who call this place home, living in organic structures that flow with the rhythm of nature. Welcome to The Shimmering Fen.

Sialdor by Dacien and Marcel Blackwood
A gothic Victorian styled city along the coast. With cobblestone streets and iron street lamps illuminating the foggy roads with glowing magical orbs. Where some cities flourish by technology, innovation and science alone Sialdor instead makes the same strides but with magic at the core of everything.

Spirits’ Crossing by Marcus Inkpen
Twin cities from a forgotten time connected by an ancient bridge where long ago a battle between powerful mages and elder gods tore reality asunder. Now the ruins, twisted trees and ever lingering magic form a misty labyrinth home for the few brave enough to live there.

Szystrum Synod by Walton Wainwright
Nestled among the stars lies a world where machines left by long-forgotten creators have pried the secrets of the cosmos from the grasp of mystery. Strange entities have taken up artificial bodies to colonize worlds through their mastery of technology and connection to spirituality; the likes of which were previously mere whispers of myth. Take a brave step onto an Aetherpunk artificial moon and explore a congregation of seven noble eclectic and extraordinary houses.

The Winding Valley by Eldowyn Inshan
Through fog, wild ivy and winding paths, a hidden entrance leads into a valley. Surrounded by high mountains you can see a village in the distance. Lamps shine brightly and chanting can be heard faintly on the wind. The paths to get there are lit with lanterns and fireflies scurry around the light.

WooHoo! Bay by Riven (Lrriven)
A tropical paradise done in pastel, WooHoo! Is a whimsical land where one may complete a quest of self discovery to save the local fire lizards from their volcano god.

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