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Surely you’ve seen all of the Faire by now and are bored, right? Oh, you haven’t? Well, in that case, let me introduce you to even more things to do! You’re welcome.

Several of the Fairelands have extra lore and information available about the regions, providing entertaining reading and moments of exploration as you learn to look at the stunning surroundings in yet another new light! Some of the regions even have small hunts! No, these are not the Fairelands Quest, these are small region level hunts.

Without further ado, read on to find out what and where!

The Great Hall of Valhalla - picture by Alia Baroque

Valhalla: The Rune Master: Daily Hunt, find the daily changing runes, get the current hint from one of the Great Halls

The Rune Master has returned from break and in addition to new runes to master, there’s also a gift in the Great Halls for all the apprentices who dare to touch the light.

For 12 days of Faire you will be able to search for two runes in Valhalla. 12 days, 24 runes. Join the sacred hunt, become a rune master with the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients. Valhalla welcomes you.

In the Great Halls of Valhalla you can see rows of runestones. Two of them are active, their runes glowing of magic. When you click the rune it will give you a hint in local chat. With that hint go search for a rune that looks like the one you just clicked. When you find it, click to acquire the rune (wearable & decor) and take a step closer to mastering all the runes! Each pair of Runes is available only on a given day. If the local message tells you that the rune has already been mastered, it is not available anymore. 


A’Dracunas: Ode to A’Dracunas Hunt: explore, learn lore and find hidden tokens for a gift. More information here.

All A’Dracunasians celebrate the royal hatchling Gilgadrac by singing the ode to A’Dracunas. That way we increase the power of the land which he needs to grow strong and powerful enough for his loving reign over A’Dracunas.

As you explore the land of A’Dracunas look for six more or less hidden Tokens, guarded by small creatures. Once you collected them all, you should have gained enough knowledge to sing the Ode to A’Dracunas! Find the Energy Stone and touch the six Token there in the correct order to receive your final reward.

Peaville Story

Peaville Goes Nuts: Exploration & Lore, find out what happened to Peaville by starting here!

Welcome to the very special land of Peaville. Peaville was once a vibrant, bustling forest. The animals and all its special little inhabitants lived in harmony with nature, and deep in the center of the forest, hidden somewhere, lay the tiny kingdom of Peaville. No one knows exactly where this place was – some say its special power and energy was fed by good thoughts and deeds. This energy kept the huge forest in balance.

But at some point, dark shadows arose and spread across the land. Strangers came – and what had always contributed to the protection and strength of this land gradually turned into the opposite, for not all strangers came with good intentions.

Khol Dracys: Exploration & Lore, find out the story of Khol Dracys by reading the runestones on each level of the tower. Begin here.

For a thousand times a thousand years, the Dragons have come to Khol Dracys. None know the true origin of our Kind, for we exist across countless worlds, wherever the will of magic burns strong…

Scrimshaw Warrens Region Quest

Scrimshaw Warrens: Region Story Quest with Gifts. Get free hunt HUD from a sign at the landing point, or region entrances.

Every world has a story, answers to questions wondered as you pass through. There are some really big questions in Scrimshaw Warrens! Find your answers and collect mementos along that way with Scrimshaw’s Quest, HUDs found at each entrance and the main landing point.

Polenth’s Mushporium in Valhalla: small store mini hunt with story and prizes, begin here.

Eight webs have been stolen by thieves! Find the webs and the grateful spiders will share their stories. Simply click on each web for the story notecard and any other items that were caught in the web.

SEE Accessories

The Children of Stories Roleplay Lore at the Amethyst Rift

The Children of Stories roleplay story took place in the Amethyst Rift this year as these junior archaeologists explored its mysteries. You can access the same lore and secrets they did by purchasing S.E.E Accessories set from the RFL vendor at their camp. Then wear S.E.E – Wrist Toolkit and activate S.E.E –  scan gesture. Now whenever you see something that looks worth investigating, for example the interesting small purple symbols allover the Rift, just type /scan in local and you’ll receive more information! Who knows what secrets you might find?

A RFL of SL Event

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