Short Story and Poetry Competition

This year Fantasy Faire has been not only a beautiful place to visit, but also a hugely evocative one, stirring the imagination and leading many of us to reflect on what stories could be told about these lovely and mysterious lands.

We are sure that, as you visited the Faire, some of those questions occurred to you. It may be that a region captured your imagination and you found yourself envisaging its tale. And we are sure that, like so many of us, you just wished these amazing locations could be on the grid forever so that you could have your own little piece of the Fairelands.

Well, the magnificent structures of the Fairelands will soon be gone, but the Fairelands team – together with Prim Perfect – have come up with a way to make the magic continue.

We are holding a short story and poetry contest for the best stories and poems written about the Fairelands of 2014. The top entries will be published in the summer issue of Prim Perfect magazine, coming out in September 2014.

You story can focus on one region – Sanctum, or Hopes Horizon or Heavenslough, for example – and ignore all the others. Or you might use the juxtaposition of two regions, or even draw on more of the Fairelands, as a whole vast realm, perhaps surrounding an inland sea. It’s up to you.

And your story or poem can be sad or happy, wise or witty. It can make us laugh, cry, gasp, nod with agreement … or do all of these things by turns.

While we don’t need long passages of description, the setting of the story should be clear. If it makes us ask, “Now – is this Medhir Woods or Asperatus?” it won’t be working for us.

Your story should be between five hundred and three thousand words in total, and your poem should be between ten and fifty lines. While we love the idea of longer works (wouldn’t it be amazing to read a fantasy novel set in the Fairelands?), for this competition we want something that stands alone and that can be read as a complete piece.

We also want something that is completely your own work and written for this competition. You will retain the copyright, but in submitting the story you give us permission to publish the story in electronic format in Prim Perfect and on websites and social media sites belonging to Prim Perfect and Fantasy Faire.

The deadline for submission is May 31.

Send your story in plain text or in .RTF or Word doc format to:

We will acknowledge receipt (although it may take a little time).

The judging panel will be announced shortly

If you want inspiration for your story once the regions have closed, we suggest you refresh your memory at the Flickr stream


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