Jail and Bail

Jail and Bail is a long-standing Faire tradition of the Tiny Sheriffs’ Association apprehending well-known criminals and imprisoning them. For some reason the said criminals are often found amongst our creators, much to everyone’s shock and dismay. The Tiny Sheriffs tend to be merciful if enough donations are gathered in the RFL kiosks present at the event.

The Jail and Bail schedule tends to change surprisingly as the Sheriffs encounter and find even more criminals wherever they look, the best way to plan for these is to keep an eye on Faire Happenings.

We do, however, already know that the known criminals to be apprehended include:

Monday, May 5th:

6-8 PM:  Kaelis Ember and Pan Arroway

Wednesday, May 7th:

2-4 PM: Rynn Verwood

Thursday, May 8th:

12-2 PM: Cierra Anatine

6-8 PM: Druscilla Ferraris & Clover Dezno

Friday, May 9th:

2-4 PM: Alia Baroque

8-10 PM: Judy Chestnut

Saturday, May 10th:

10AM-12PM: Yuna Yuadl

7-9 PM: Jessica Lyon

Sunday, May 11th:

10AM-12PM: GraceSWF Wrigglesworth


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